Sell DIRECTLY from Facebook "SALES" page

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For those utilizing Facebook as part of their promotional strategies, these application turns your fan page into an actual sales page with paypal integration. You don't have to drive traffic off the page to your moneysite, it becomes another moneysite for you.

This storefront application is free and is in beta.

Payvment :: Social Network eCommerce

Here are some of the features of the site

Enable storefront wide instant discount for those who "Like" your Facebook page. A great incentive for Facebook users to become "Fans" of your page!

Store/Item "Share" feature enables Facebook users to tell all their Facebook friends about an item they like in your store via their Facebook news feed. Includes a link back to your Facebook store

Built-in review/commenting integration enables Facebook users to leave a comment about an item in your store and post it to their Facebook news feed.

I don't know if this has been posted before but thought it would be a good share. Unless you live on the forum, great things will pass by quickly. I would believe that if used properly this would be a very valuable and profitable selling tool.

Good Luck
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