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Is it ok to put something else other than your name in your domain's Whois info? For example, if for some really cheap reason you don't want to purchase Whois Privacy, can you simply put "Private Registrant" literally in the first and last name fields in your domain registrant profile? Or is this illegal?

I was wondering since the domain registrars are basically doing the same thing when you purchase a Whois Privacy add-on (they just replace your info with theirs), you might as well just do it straight yourself right? Any official rules regarding this?
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    I would expect that ICANN or the registrar will reject the domain if that is done. Cloaking of email addresses by registrars still shows the registrant's email address to ICANN and the registrar. What you are proposing will not. You must have a legitimate email address for the registrar to be able to contact you.

    You must also display to the registrar, you real name and address which they may cloak by using the redirect showing their own contact details.


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      I agree with Alex.
      Namecheap provide free whois privacy for the first year. Current coupon here

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        You can't be totally anonymous in the domains registration.

        The private registration is a professional service, if there
        are legal reasons they will disclosure the registrant data
        to authorities.

        So what you propose is not legal in my opinion.


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          I understand that a valid email is required. However I saw some (reseller of shared) web hosting do this stuff. When they register a domain for a client they put "Domain Manager" at the Registrant name and "" as the email and they seem to get away with it.

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            Whatever you put in the registrant name field, be sure it's either a living being
            or a legally-existing entity. One day, you might be called upon to demonstrate
            it, especially if someone reports it for invalid WHOIS data. (knock on wood...)

            Considering that others use "Domain Manager" or whatever in the registrant, it
            might create confusion as to who really owns what, more so if they forgot any
            of their login details and are unable to verify.


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              In a similar vein to the domain privacy issues, does anyone have any experience in hosting / finding reliable web hosts within independent principalities?

              The reason I ask (and no - I'm not looking to host a whole bunch of hideous porn stuff :-) ) - is that one of the projects I'm involved with at present is to setup a business selling healthcare formulations specifically for athletes foot. Down here in New Zealand, and Aussie for that matter, the government has taken a very staunch view on anyone making ANY medicinal claims on any product via a website.

              For instance, one lady recently had her site taken down has she was selling lavender oil and claimed "it may assist in the promotion of healthy sleep" - it's freaken ridiculous!

              Hence, we want to put the ecommerce part of the site somewhere out of the reach of nosey bureaucrats - it can't be the states as the govt can act through the FDA - so we are told.

              It is a natural product - it really works very well and the proceeds of the activity go into a trust to assist at risk youth in our commnuity - hence I'm fairly driven to ensure we get a good outcome here.

              Can anyone offer any sound advice?


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