Is this a good keyword?

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I found a keyword that is relevant to my niche and I'm wondering if it's a good keyword. The .com IS available.

Here are the MS stats:

Daily Searches 266
SEOT 111
PBR 3%

SEOC 25,000
SEOTC 20,100

Please let me know or tell me what else you need to know in order to give me some feedback.

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    Well to determine if a keyword is good or not you have to determine if:

    1. It is a buying keyword.
    2. Can you get on top of the serps with it.

    There are ways to check if it's a buying keyword because usually it will
    include discount, free delivery, buy, etc. However we really can't tell until
    you've managed to dominate the keyword yourself.

    As for the strength of competition, I don't give much thought to it these days
    because there are sites I use that can get my articles and links to the first page
    even for 10 million or more results in under a few hours. If I can't get on the first page
    of the serps with it, I simply move on to the next. (It makes it easier)
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      The biggest problem you have is that your PBR is only 3%. That is not good.

      Can you run MS a few more times and try to figure out what phrase is more commonly used?
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      Originally Posted by Gabriel Laprise View Post

      There's an easy way to determine if a keyword is worth it, take a look at this matrix :

      The left column represents the number of searches per month and the top one is the number of pages competing for it.

      Just enter your keyword in Google (in quotes) to see the number of pages competing for it.

      You should target keywords that are good or excellent.

      If it does it means that the SEO will be really easy and if you know what your doing you should get top 10 rankings pretty easily.

      But it doesn't mean that the keyword is actually going to get you the right traffic, you need to judge yourself for this.

      Hope this will help you!

      So if the number of search engine results is 10 000 and number of monthly searches are 0 then it's a good keyword
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    You mentioned there are sites you use to get your articles and links to the top page one of google very fast. Can you divulge what these sites are? Could you PM them to me if you don't want to share out here?

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    A good keyword is a one where you answer yes to this question

    ''Can I convert traffic from this keyword into sales and opt-ins"
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