Two huge questions for STRUGGLING MARKETERS!

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I wanted to share a couple question that i got on a paid coaching call this week that I hope will help you make a few breakthoughs in your business.

When it comes to having success in this business. I truly believe that most people are on the edge of breaking through to what really matters most...

But here are the two questions that i want to ask, and I would love to see your answers...

1. Why am i still not taking the kind of action that i know that I should be taking in my business?

2. What must change for me to change?

Thats it. Two simple questions that can literally change your life from the time that you answer them.

HOpe that brings some tremendous value to you and your business.

Jeff Mitchell
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    Great questions Jeff and by far the most overlooked ones. People are so overwhelmed with information and plans to follow they hardly ever think about these.

    And I have no doubt it'll help greatly to anyone who is planning on creating an IM business.

    If I was to answer these questions, I'd answer:

    A1. Fear of Success - most people don't realize they haven't got the success mindset and they are not open to it and hence not ready for Success. Fear of success exists and I have experienced it myself. Good thing I've come over it now.

    A2. A mentor who'd kick my butt and keep me aligned with my goals and objectives.

    It is sad but most coaching and mentoring these days, lack these aspects. They provide info in various format and quality info at that. But that is all.

    Info is all around us and some $7 eBook is enough to build up on creating a business but Coaching needs to be more than just Information which I'm sorry to say, most lack.

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      Right on Maddie...Fear is the ultimate killer of success. And for me, i have yet to conquer all of them. It is exactly what i am working on now. Dissolving my fear of every aspect of my business by doing those "scary" things on a day to day basis so that they become a habit.

      Jeff Mitchell

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