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During my time in the IM industry I've learned some things that I'd like to share to those just starting out....

1. There is no easy route, no matter what you hear, there is no secret push button gizmo that will make you 10,000 a day with little or even no work.

2. Don't join mail lists. Sales pitches will clog your inbox and your brain. You will only get confused and distracted.

3. Find a system (or develop your own) and work it until it works. There is a ton of FREE information on this forum that you can use. But be careful it's easy to become a "forum junkie" and get nothing done.

4. Don't jump from one system to another. Each system, each "magic bullet" will usually work as long as it follows basic strategies of keyword research and traffic generation. Jumping from one ship to another will lead to even more distraction and more frustration.

5. Once you find something that works, rinse and repeat (the classic line) and scale up by reinvesting your profits back in to your system until you reach your goal.

It's pretty straightforward... but staying on track is one of the most difficult challenges you will face.

Good luck.
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    Makes good sense.
    Too late about the mail lists though.
    I knew better but I just can't help myself.
    Gotta unclog my brain now.

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    I am currently doing exactly what you advise against i.e. jumping from system to system. As a newbie it is distracting me too much. I think I may of found a system I can settle on though so I will take your advice and work it until it pays.
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    This is VERY good advice. I went to a conference for some guru recently, and all these people were just addicted to buying these products and then thinking about all they COULD do but never did it.

    I know some really big affiliates, and most of these guys don't even have time to watch/read/listen to all these guru products or spend too much time on forums.

    And realistically, most of them are old strategies anyways. I saw some guy recently promoting some screw facebook, do plenty of fish dating offers....that was popular about 2 years ago, now, you'd just be competeting with 100 other guys.
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    one thing you'd probably want to highlight.. "Take Action"
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    Originally Posted by Beldin View Post

    During my time in the IM industry I've learned some things that I'd like to share to those just starting out....

    3. Find a system (or develop your own) and work it until it works.

    Good Luck
    Given that most methods work, is there any one method that will work quicker than others? What I mean is, is there a system that can be set up more quickly than another whereby monetary results will be achieved.

    There appears to be an element of luck, hence the sign off "Good luck"; when a method you are working on does not produce results in a given time when would it be right to give up instead of keep working at it when it might never succeed even when you are doing everything correctly?


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    I totally disagree about the mailing lists bit. You can learn a lot of what to do, what not to do, trends, strategies, good and bad wording and tactics, opportunities to JV etc etc etc from peoples mailings.

    Join as many as you can is my advice.
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    Beldin Jerry Mullins here, You are so true,
    Boy i wish i had met you several years ago before i lost more than $15,000
    jumping from program to program and listening to every good sales pitcher
    that came along.

    Are You Making Enough Money?

    If not, you're probably using the wrong tools. PM me[/email]

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    Very good advice for anyone starting out new. And I would also agree that keyword research is your very first step to starting your IM business. You need to know how competitive the keyword is before you ever start building your site or you be wasting your time.

    Thank you for your post.
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