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One of my wordpress blogs is being hit by a comment spammer.

I uploaded a simple captcha form yesterday to stop the bot from posting. But he's still accessing the same post about 40 times an hour, trying to post.

The thing is the bot is coming from different IP's each time, the last 2/3 digits change each time.

Is there anyway I can ban this bot? I've search through the Wordpress userpanel and couldn't find anything about banning IP's.
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    I found this.. I don't know if it will help or not. It depends on the hosting you have:

    How do I block certain IP's from hitting my website
    To block a specific IP address, groups of IP addresses, or domains from hitting your website follow the below steps:

    1) Log into your Control Panel
    2) Click the IIS Admin link, and provide your NT credentials to authenticate.
    3)Highlight your web site and hit Properties.
    4) Select Security, and click the edit button next to the IP address and Domain name restrictions field.
    5) Click add , and in the fields provided, enter the specific IP addresses you want to block. If you want to block and entire group, (i.e. everyone from the 1.1.1.x domain) enter and then the subnet mask of DO NOT block certain domains names from accessing your site, as this will cause serious performance issues on your site.
    6) Once you have finished adding the sites, hit ok, and then Save on the main window.

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      are you using akismet ? or is the sheer volume of it a problem ?
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    Perhaps also you could look at the plugin: WP Ban plugin

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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    Have you activated the Akismet plugin that you'll find in your plugins section?...Then if it gets through teh first few time, just make sure you hit the SPAM button. If I'm right in thinking, sooner or later, it'll be added to the Akismet database.
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    Thanks Scott, that worked a treat.

    Mark - I havn't got round to Akismet yet. I'll probably get that sorted and take the captcha off. Thanks guys.
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    Get your WordPress API key and activate the Akismet plugin - it stops nearly all spam...

    Sig not working today - too hung over...

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    If a hacker knows what your database prefix is they can still comment spam...

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