Proof Working at Home Doesn't Require Fancy Expensive Setup

by Asher
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This video was just released by Kevin Riley...

I totally enjoyed it. Not only does he have a
staff of 2 (including himself), but the places
he used aren't all fancy-shmancy like we see
in most product launch videos.

You know... those "Come take a ride in my
$4,356,436,233,324.867.02 car as I drive
around town"

I thought sharing this video would be a good
way of encouraging people.

Thanks Hamster King.

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    Really nice video.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    Just thought I'd add this... if anyone would
    like to know more about Kevin Riley and how
    much fun he's having with I.M. (even though
    it still requires work)...

    Check out his blog (the video where you can
    leave comments for on his blog is found here:
    Time To Stop The Misconception)
    at: Kevin Riley Inc

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