How Many Websites Or Blogs Do You Run?

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Right now I have a total of 29 wordpress blogs all on their own domains. All but 5 sites are finished. I just have to update them with new posts and start getting more backlinks to them to rank them. It is tough to keep up with so many websites. I just hope all my hard work will all pan out soon. I was just curious on how many sites other people ran.
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    I have 9 sites now, and this is after I cut a few that were not earning enough to warrant my time on them. Now I am more focussed I will develop other sites in more profitable areas.
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    I am new at the website and blog game, what tools would one use to operate
    more than one site or blog at a time?

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    1 vbulletin forum
    2 self hosted wordpress blogs
    1 blog
    3 blogger blogs

    I only have time to post in the forum, and update 1 of the blogs - which is one of the self hosted wordpress.
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    I have around 25-30 sites, but just going through a cull at the moment so I can cencentrate on the better performing ones (see my sig below for some cheap site deals )

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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      This is just a rough estimate, but I'd say I have about 60 self hosted wordpress sites, about 10 blogger blogs and maybe 5 blogs.

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    260... something last time i did a check.

    But since then launched new ones, just yesterday grabbed a new one and right now checking another domain name.

    But this high number is a part of my business model: grab what I can, develop and optimize them fast, send them traffic and sell them to big organizations a couple months/years later.

    My OWN (never sell) websites are maybe just 50.

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    At the moment, I have 5 offline marketing sites, 2 info blogs and 1 review blog.

    Also working on a massive user-generated info/funny stuff site using joomla.
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    I have around 10 sites.
    My plan is to develop each site to it's full and them let them running in autopilot. Usually just do some pinging or a new post very two months.

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    4 Blogs and 5 sites. Some are informative and others are for affiliate marketing.
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    I have 3 sites all together now.

    I found that having less sites is the best way to go for me, but this is not the situation with everyone. If you have one site then you are putting all your eggs into one basket. If you have to many sites then you cannot update them all that well and your visitors will realise this and stop returning to your site plus it takes time to keep advertising all of these sites.

    If you have a few sites, say about 2 - 6 then you have more time to work on them, learn about your visitors, tweak your ads, etc.
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    Guess I have around 100 or so out of about 200 domains.
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    A little over 300 at the last count....

    Not all of them are active right now, but a lot of them are, and growing daily.

    Bare Murkage.........

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    Any recommendation on a software to manage more than a few website?
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    Wiped out my adsense sites earning 50 to 100 a month. Wiped out squidoo. Have just landing page sites now that require no up keep just seo and outsource that. Gives you back your life.
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    4 wordpress
    3 websites

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    I just got started with my affiliate site. I have two online stores. One self hosted blog and one wordpress blog.
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    wow some people run a lot of websites. The problem I had with all of mine is I made about 6 sites I planned on just concentrating on those before I built my other domains the other ones were half built only a theme and a few posts, but no adsense, clickbank or any way to make money from them then I noticed they were getting traffic on there own so I had to finish the others. now I plan on getting links for about 5 different sites each day.
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    I think I only have around 300 but have tons of sub-domains in it.
    Getting good domains is addictive

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    I only have 10 but I plan on setting up a lot more soon.
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      I'm doing the downsizing thing

      I've got about 40 - but the ones I spend time on make me loads more money than all the others.
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    Too many to count! I have many sites in different stages of development and also have many undeveloped domain names. Not enough time in the day to work on them all.

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