Is this worth it? IM or My Part Time Job?

by Hersh
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Hello Warriors,

I've been very interested in starting a website and learning more about internet marketing.

I am considering starting an ESL membership website but I have some reservations. You see, I do private tutoring (for cash) and I make an average of $250/week or about $1000 per month.

Can I expect to make the same income, (which would have to be a bit more because it is not cash) with a website? If so, how long would it take for me considering I am just learning about internet marketing.

Granted I learn IM skills and work hard, is this type of income possible?

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    You could make the same (or more), but you should be doing both while you get started.
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    Yeh surely possible, rather you can make 10 time more than this. But it requires hardworking and testing a lot of things.
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    IM is worth it. You can continue with your part time job but at the same time invest in IM until you earn enough cash. You need to put more effort in IM to make more money. A membership site is ok, but there are also other profitable programs you can use to earn money online.

    It is advisable to first conduct some research before deciding on what to go for. It should be something you will enjoy doing. This forum is resourceful keep on visiting it and learn more.
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    For a while you should consider your Internet Business as an enhancement to your PT Job rather than a replacement.

    One thing you could do is give your students access to a support forum where they can ask questions or get extra tutoring when you are not with them.

    Based on what you do, you should get a lot of referrals from your offline students.

    You can only be one place at a time, however if you were teaching via the Internet you can teach many people all at the same time.

    George Wright P.S. Take a look at
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Don't quit a sure thing. Figure out a way to work on IM in spare time until you can more than match what you are already making.
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    Wow, thanks for being so helpful everyone!

    I have no intentions to quit my part-time job as an ESL tutor. Rather, I want to expand my service to the online commuity, and hopefully, make more money.

    The main problem is that I, and I assume everyone else, have a limited amount of time. By spending time working on a website, I will have to give up some tutoring, which is guaranteed money. I don't mind doing this because I make a good income as a full time educator. It's just a matter of the financial 'returns' on my time and effort. I'm sure that a website will entail much effort, even in the long run as you can't just set one up and let it go on its own.

    Ultimately, one always has to 'feed the beast' whether it's online or offline. I guess the decision is which beast to feed.

    Thanks for your input.
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    A good way to get up and running without learning a whole bunch of new tricks is to outsource the site design/creation. It could be a simple as a blog so that you can easily post fresh content on a regular basis or you may want a static services type of site. I like blogs the best and think it's easier to get traffic to them, and they are by far the easiest site to get up and running with little hassle.

    After the site is created, you will need to promote and get traffic. That usually involves some backlinking and social bookmarking and for your type of services, listing in appropriate directories or listing sites.

    There are numerous places to outsource ... I also use There's and other freelance sites, but elance is the largest of freelance sites.
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    With hard work a lot is possible. While success in Internet Marketing comes with time (like everything else) I have been very satisfied with my monthly income.

    I would say $250 a week is very possible. It will take some time at first, as well as experimenting and trial and error. In time you could definitely make that income, but probably not right off the bat.

    I would get started now learning the IM game, but hang onto your offline income. Devote some time to learning about Internet Marketing and before long you will be able to combine the two if that's what you want to do.
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    All it takes is a good plan, data tables, a schedule and a growth cycle. You have to watch it grow and you have to put alot of work in. Also you make much more as long as you do it right. You better not be tutoring people on making money online.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    You could make more or less depending on your skill level in Internet Marketing.
    To be honest, you can't make it these day on $1000 per month.
    If you find a good product, home business system, etc and market correctly
    you can make $5000 to $10,000 a month extra easy income.

    **How you make an extra $6500 a week with postcards + our product packages**
    Bonus - Proven home business courses and proven marketing tools/services
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    Just start when you are comfortable that you can make it.
    You'll have to check what other people are doing..follow some

    There are several ways to make money online, you'll have
    to choose what's best for you. If you feel it's really profitable
    and you think you can do it then outsource it.

    Go and join the WAR room. Spare at least an hour a day to
    this business and then make an action. Write it down and make
    a business plan then follow it.
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