give away the "introduction" CD of my audio lecture product?

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I know the real answer for this question is "to test". That said, I have a question.

I sell 10 CDs (actually mp3) of audio which is a lecture about something.
I am thinking about giving away the CD1 for my squeeze page. However, it is just an introduction. So does not contain so much information.
(FYI: it is the shortest CD and I need it to explain my whole idea about the is not exciting as other CDs, I admit.)

So, what I am wondering about is would giving this kind of introduction CD make the listener want to have "the main" CDs or not.

I am wondering if I should rather make new audio for giving away which contains more information of my method (lecture).

Again to test is the best way I know, but I'd just like to know your experiences/input etc.

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    I hate recommending paid products on a free forum...but I just bought/read this today...and here you are asking the same question this report answers.

    Insane. Or law of attraction...whatever.
    This is a great read and it covers your question exactly.
    I'm not affiliated in any way. Sid and Lee are bright guys.

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    Thanks BlueSquares, I'll check it out!(at least the sites.)
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    Audio is very difficult to market, unless it is either a name brand, or unless the information it contains is so unique that you are the only person that could provide the product, (in other words, original and substantial content)

    What is much easier to market is video along with audio, but it is harder to create.

    Just a couple of thoughts, have a good day,
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    Hi Tim,
    My product is actually doing very good...($200 and 1/100 conversion from cold traffic) but I'm trying out a squeeze page...Apparently to use squeeze pages "usually" gets more conversion. I'm not sure, but I want to try.
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    You could go in with the offer of a 'FREE CD' which is extremely strong, they just pay 'Shipping & Delivery' and then they're put on a continuity program for an additional C.D. each month.

    I guess it's hard to say if this will work without knowing what the niche is and what your product actually is - but this model is very popular (and successful I imagine) in niches such as dating advice for example.
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    Maybe you can try to create a preview CD where most of the best in your CDs are inside that preview.

    I can't remember where I read that movie creators put the best part of the movie in their trailer.

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    I think you should create a new audio rather than using the first audio. You want to convert your sales right? but your audio is nothing about selling and not much content?

    So to be able to increase conversion, you need carefully planned sales pitch for you to do so.

    Like if I were to give the first section of my course, I doubt it would be converting much because it's either giving too much information out, or having a soft pitch to convert the traffic.
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