iPod incompatible with my product?

by DavidO
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I'm having a customer service problem... I sell a therapeutic audio program on CD and mp3. I've been doing this for years with never a problem but all of a sudden I have a customer who is unable to transfer my mp3 tracks to her newest version iPod.

It seems that iTunes is the problem. I think it's falsely reading copyright problems in my electronic labels. So the answer is to load the iPod without using iTunes.

By googling I know this is possible. There are numerous hacks and third party software that claim to do this. I sent one of these programs to my customer but it's way beyond her abilities. I've taken a look and see that, yes, these are for tech-heads only.

I have hundreds of customers using my program in iPods. But if this problem is due to a new feature it's going to keep happening.

Does anyone know of a SIMPLE way to bypass iTunes when loading an iPod? I don't use one so I don't have a clue.

Another angle may be for me to change my electronic labels for the mp3 tracks, but I have no idea where the issue is.

The only option left is to refund the customer, which is a real shame as she bought the mp3 player specifically to use with my program!

Thanks for any suggestions!
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    These are all solutions, but you might be better directing your clients to YouTube, there are some videos on there for this exact thing.

    It might even be better for you to create your own tutorial video for your clients.


    Bare Murkage.........

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      Jay, your idea of a tutorial is excellent. Thanks!

      I'll check on these programs you mention and hope one of them is really simple.
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    have you tried transcoding the audio to another format? you can try M4v too
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    CopyTrans Suite, is an awsome program and really simple to use, and its free.

    Just tell your customers to download it, and do a small video tutorial up showing them how to copy over to there ipod its really easy i use it all the time for mp3s i download.


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