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I have been reading a lot about article marketing lately, and one thing that just seemed to burn me up was the question of whether or not to submit my article to a lot of different directories.

I could not figure out whether to send them to the top five or the top ten or just blast them out to as many as possible for backlinks. And I would come here to get help only to walk away more confused.

I am a believer in submitting to multiple spots, but I do not believe in writing a gazillion articles just to see results. I feel like if you can get the most from one article you will be alright. So what I started doing was this, and it is something I am surprised I didn’t think of before.

I started to write unique headlines for my articles and then put them in Google in quotes to ensure that no other matches came up. This way I could see all the places where my article was listed or published and monitor the results they were receiving. I would write one article and put it on twenty article directories with a really unique title. I would then type the headline in quotes so I could see how they did.

Which ever one did the best I would outsource backlink building of about a hundred to get it ranking. After that I would outsource turning them into Rss feeds and submitting them as well. This way the backlinks get indexed and it leads to Google finding them quicker. You article should rise fast seeing as how whatever site got it the best results seems to be getting the most favor from Google.

It is not always EZA or Articlesbase. Sometimes it may be some obscure directory that everyone warns you to not touch. I have an article ranking on the front page from a site called “” had a PR of 2. So for all of you who are serious about article marketing you might want to try this. It is a goldmine and it is one of the best ways to get the most from one article. Thanks warriors.
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