which wordpress plugin/theme for affiliate marketing?

by willoh
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I am finally jumping into IM after a month of research. I have an affiliate link but I need to put up a website. I got pretty familiar with the wordpress dashboard and I was wondering what plugin or theme would you recommend that would suit affiliate marketing. I also heard about Xsitepro - would that be a better way to go?
Thanks in advance
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    I recommend the free theme from Flexibilty.

    It's simple and clean - and you can change the appearance
    from your WP dashboard, without having to mess with the code.
    And it's free. Just visit their official site (try to Google it).

    As for plugins, there are many free plugins you can use:

    - All in One SEO
    - Link Cloaking
    - Google XML Sitemap

    Other plugins will depend on what you're promoting and
    what content you're planning to use (auto content, review content, etc)


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    For my last review site I used "Review 1.0 by Bob" (A Review Theme by WTheme.com) and I was happy with it.
    "One can not learn when one thinks he already knows" [Epictetus]

    I'm also active on - Twitter - Facebook
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    I really like the Mystique theme. It's free on the Wordpress Extensions site.

    Fully customizable with header, color scheme, layout and more.

    For plugins, I recommend:

    All in One SEO
    All in One Adsense and YPN
    All in One Webmasters
    XML Google Sitemap
    Fixed Social Buttons
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  • Hi Ive used both Mystique (which is free) and works well and Flexability (which you need to pay for) but it allows you to make more changes to the appearance. If you are just starting out I would recomend Mystique which you can start with and as you become more successful you can look to buy the other kinds of themes if you wish. but the most important thing is your plugins, These are the ones I use:

    All in one seo:
    No ping wait:
    Twit This:
    Google Sitemap:
    free list building video
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    I just use a theme I created and pretty much all the plugins listed above. The thing you have to focus on most though is pumping out good content.
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    For affiliate marketing you need GoCodes for your affilaite links. and its a great way to track were your visitors like to click
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