Tip to help prevent piracy and theft of your work, plus actually get pirates to help you

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One tip I have found works well (and something you can implement easily as well), is by simply working the name of your website into your product. For example, you might say something like "Well, do x, y, & z and then you'll see results, as in this website here: http://www.affiliateinabox.com/")

Then, if a thief pirates your content:

(a) it is generally pretty easy to prove it was ripped off (i.e., your website name is in it), simply because many pirates are simply lazy and don't actually want to read/change your content, they just want to pass it off as your own, and:
(b) if they do re-post your content, you get some 'google' link juice from the content (i.e., as in reposted blog articles on auto-blogs), etc, etc.

Anyways, this should help anyone that is concerned about their product being pirated/ripped off/etc, and help ensure that they get proper credit.
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    Good idea. Yes, I have some windows apps that I sell, and we have our product logo with a link to our site, so it makes it a little weird for someone to try to sell it.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      It's a good idea, I've recently gotten into the habit of working my website URL and name into my articles. I don't do it for all of them but I do try my best.

      There are WordPress (and other CMS) plugins that add encrypted codes into RSS feeds, some even let you specify a footer for each article entered into an RSS feed. They can be helpful in at least ensuring a backlink when feed scrapers don't remove the them.
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    Unfortunately, this doesn't prevent piracy at all. It's true that you might get some traffic that you wouldn't otherwise have gotten though.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Actually, for those who go to the bother to pirate, they also just "unprotect" the pdf and make any adjustments that they want to. Some just want to share it as is, but others want to sell it as their own, so they rebrand it.
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    [QUOTE=InternetSuccess001;2214481](b) if they do re-post your content, you get some 'google' link juice from the content (i.e., as in reposted blog articles on auto-blogs), etc, etc.[QUOTE]

    Thanks! I didn't think about the link juice aspect.
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