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Is there any Yahoo tool similar to Google keyword tool external?

I had been working hard to make one of my sites and articles make it to the front page of Google for a particular keyword with 2000 searches using the Google keyword tool external. Today, one of my previously published Ezine article finally made it to the front page.

When I tried to use Yahoo to assess its ranking, I was surprised that my hubpage is the no.2 spot on the front page; however, my hubpage stat showed no page view for that hub today.

I would like to know the monthly search for this particular keyword in Yahoo; but I do not know any Yahoo tool on how to get the data.

If you can share how to solve this problem, thanks in advance.
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    There used to be the Overture keyword tool, but that got phased out.
    Just stick to the Google keyword tool.

    Wordtracker also gives some good data.
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