Anyone else having problems with namecheap?

by anymato 1 replies
I have about a lot domains with namecheap...

And lately I have had some trouble with them.

First I had DNS issues...

And now one of my domians has disappeared from my account.

This was a bit crazy to begin with I checked namecheap for a domain & it was there but it was a .tv and it cost $25.00 to register it so I went to Godaddy to see if it was cheaper there & Godaddy showed that the name was not available.

So I went back to namecheap & re-checked - It was still there so I went ahead & registered it. (It made me think that Godaddy had some sort of filter to single out really good domains so they could register them to resell & this is a really good domain

Everything was fine for two weeks & then it just disappeared from my domain list & when I contacted namecheap for help they keep giving me the run around saying they are still investigating - It has been a week now.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation.

Also can someone let me know of a good alternative to namecheap (Not godaddy)

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