Which one would you want? Need your opinion...

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I am thinking of FINALLY going into
the IM niche...teaching what I have
done to create up to $2000 a month income.

Need your help though...

What's a better product you would be MORE INTERESTED in?

1) Overall infoproduct business strategy (research, product, marketing, etc)
2) Niche Research focused product (finding out DETAILED tips for finding niche research)

I'd rather do 1 because I like teaching the bigger picture...

What would be a better FRONT END product?

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    I think #2 would be better, because people like more detailed, step-by-step information.

    From my own ebook-writing experience, I found out that you don't want to try to put too much into one product (as you would with option #1). If you try to do too much, you will end up with a huge book (like Aaron Wall's SEO book) and it will be almost too big to read.

    If you want to do #1, I suggest breaking it up into several products that you can sell separately.
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    The overall plan would be good. But make sure that it goes into detail, has plenty of examples and step-by-step sequences.

    This should be for each section of the product.

    Regards Ian
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