How Did You Become an Internet Marketer

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With all of my recent success friends and family are now starting to wonder more about what I do, even though a year ago I told them exactly what I did and how to do it them selves.

So when I explain it to them again they always ask the same question, How did you get into internet marketing.

For me there really is no short answer.

The shortest response I can come up with is I sort of just stumbled on it surfing the internet.

I really had no interest in making money on-line because I thought they were all just scams.

Good thing I ran into that bum marketing report truly changed my life for the better

So how did all my other fellow marketers become internet marketers?
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    Well, I opened my eyes to this world with Network Marketing. (Not MLM, there is a difference between the two).

    I first saw the flash video of Passport to Success when I was 16 and my family was badly in debt. I should regret the decision now, but I invested 997 in it without batting an eyelid, and never made a single dollar with it.

    Then came a series of NM opportunities I joined (But never MLM)... And I made my first sale with EDC after three years of hard work.

    (And I was totally unaware of the info poroducts biz back then)

    But as I kept surfing, I kept finding more and more sales letters. Some did manage to convince me to buy, most didn't even manage to tempt me.

    And now here I am... Living a great life.

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    I found a few decent blogs where reall info was available not the normal crap from the a-listers. I discovered that you could make money and not rip people off at the same time. Along the way the learning curve has been huge and my expectations were totally unrealistic in the beginning because I 1/2 believed the get rich quick crap!

    Passive Income Online is no longer a dream for me - its a business. Check out my blog to find out how I did it!

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    Well in a nutshell- a few years ago I knew I wanted independence, freedom, a webstore, websites, to make money daily instead of a low hourly wage, but I didn't have a clue about how to go about it so I used google to type in phrases. It was extremely confusing, a lot of scams about, so many different "prgorams", 100 different sites saying 100 different things and I didn't have a clue what to do. So here I am today and I've learned a whole lot since then and still have more to learn.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Long time ago, I was working for a boss. One day, I stumbled on the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", by Robert KIYOSAKI.
    I learned two things from it:
    - I should have an passive income, not an active one
    Active income = you go to work - you get paid; you don't go to work - you don't get paid
    Passive income = you get paid even if you don't work

    - Instead of making profit for my boss, I should use my ideas for me.

    Another day, I realized that intangible goods (like eBooks) are easier to deliver than the paper books.
    I started to read forums, eBooks and to experiment. I constantly tried to improve myself and my products.
    My biggest challenge now is to be good at something before it becomes obsolete.

    I'm afraid I'll never be able to go back to 9-5 (actually, it was 11 AM - 8 PM) job after I see what Internet Marketing can do.

    But ... better that making money is meeting interesting people. People who are alive, focused and determined to win.
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    I've learned a lot about becoming a better marketer but here's something I think that's ESSENTIAL to getting better at IM (or quite possibly...anything)

    STOP.....don't start asking questions. Read and learn about all of the ways you are able to achieve your goal (in this case, make money online) and pick one that speaks to you.

    START doing it. By taking action you are showing the community of experts that you are truly interested in learning.

    Once you have started something if you need advice, feedback or guidance, most professionals will have respect for the fact that you are taking the appropriate actions towards your goal and will be very willing to help.

    Just my 2c....but I really think that this is how to gain respect in almost any situation.

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  • Profile picture of the author kkchoon
    Just wanted more money and Internet lifestyle, started making money online since 2006...

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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  • Profile picture of the author rich85
    Didn't want to work 60+ hours a week for some one else!
    Started to research about making money online about 3 years ago, got scammed numerous of times and then finally found the opportunity i was looking for! Even though i had to outlay quite a bit to start, it was well worth it and i made my money back fairly quickly but because it is not a get rich quick scheme i did have to work at it.
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    • Profile picture of the author mgriswold224
      Liz Tomey is my neighbor and I drove her nuts til she taught me!
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  • Profile picture of the author Ernie Lo
    My journey into Internet Marketing began when I use to hang out on DP forums and I created my own web directory.

    Although I made "some" cash with it, I didn't see the long-term potential and didn't want to be PR (page rank) seller, so I quit it.

    I then somehow managed to come across WF and soon saw the power of list-building, and never looked back since.

    The funny thing is, when I came to WF, I realised I was already a member.. (I must of spammed one of my old sites here LOL)

    Now my browser is glued to this forum....funny how things work out
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  • Profile picture of the author Jon Yarbrough
    About 10 years ago when i first got online, i was curious about how "free stuff" sites made money and found my way to affiliate programs. I purchased MS front page, a domain name, and hosting, and started making money a couple months later. Unfortunately I did not find the Warrior forum until a few years ago, If I had had this wealth of knowledge back then I would have made MUCH more money than i did.



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    • Profile picture of the author Bai_Mike
      Ha, for me, I found out about it when I was nearing the end of my University days where I wanted to be able to make money the easy way. Sort of the lazy gene was running in me.

      Then I stumbled on internet marketing. Ha, great place to add on to my income plus gives me a place to hold on to my future dreams for a good passive income where I didn't need to work for anyone else.

      Also a strong passive income to do investment plus other stuffs that I always dreamed of.
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    I was a teacher and then I had my baby. I realized I didn't want to return to teaching and needed to find a way to stay home with him as soon as possible. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Earn 1 K a Day forum run by Dennis Becker, discovered ghostwriting and affiliate marketing and the rest is history
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    • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall

      Yup, Spam actually get me into Internet Marketing.

      i was sitting there one night cleaning out my Yahoo email folder and ran across a couple pieces of spam. One was for Brad Callens product Google Profits and the other was for a ebook my Rob Benwell called BLOGGING TO THE BANK 2.0.

      I ended up getting blogging to the bank and while repeating the methods in it did not translate to a lot of cash for me, the material was enough to make me "get it". Once I did, I was off and running

      See, sometimes spam can be a good thing.

      P.S. This is a completely true story
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  • Profile picture of the author thatgirlJ
    LOL Jeremy
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    • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall
      Originally Posted by Jenn Dize View Post

      LOL Jeremy
      People don't believe me when I tell them that story.

      The truth of the matter is, I was doing sales in the mobile home/real estate sector and was pulling down well over 6 figures a year, so I really was not looking for a way to supplement my income or anything else.

      It actually just looked interesting to me, so I figured I would give it a shot,for the most part just for fun.

      Luckily I did though because with the way the markets are, I would have been lucky to make 10K this year with the Job I had because noone is able to buy a damn thing around here lol
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  • Profile picture of the author Hamish Jones
    Funnily enough, I actually got in to internet marketing through uni.

    I was studying a subject called "Online PR." The textbook was 4 years old so I got online and started doing my own research and the rest is history!
    Best Business Deals - The World's Most Customer Focused Telecommunications Company. Servicing Customers in Australia, Canada and the USA.
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  • Profile picture of the author MeTellYou
    Does anyone even read these?

    Please reply if you do

    See, I am an English teacher and I was teaching that conversational class about psychological manipulation... and when I was getting ready for it, I came across Dan Lok's "Forbidden Psychological Tactics". And that's how it all started...
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    • Profile picture of the author thatgirlJ
      Originally Posted by MeTellYou View Post

      Does anyone even read these?

      Please reply if you do

      See, I am an English teacher and I was teaching that conversational class about psychological manipulation... and when I was getting ready for it, I came across Dan Lok's "Forbidden Psychological Tactics". And that's how it all started...
      Of course we read them
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    • Profile picture of the author ForumJoiner
      Originally Posted by MeTellYou View Post

      Does anyone even read these?

      Please reply if you do
      Read what? The comments from this thread? I read them all. I'm very interested in how people started.
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    • Profile picture of the author Tina Clark
      Originally Posted by MeTellYou View Post

      Does anyone even read these?

      Please reply if you do

      See, I am an English teacher and I was teaching that conversational class about psychological manipulation... and when I was getting ready for it, I came across Dan Lok's "Forbidden Psychological Tactics". And that's how it all started...
      Yes, I read it.


      I'm getting into for residual income. I mean I'm booked solid with pilates clients, and sincerely grateful, but it is just endless.
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  • Profile picture of the author homebus
    i bought a website business from a respected company so that i could be working from home making money online. the company and myself were so impressed with each other that i bought the company. well ok i didn't buy it but i became a partner in the company and now i am enjoying it totally. owning a website business is a superb way to earn a living online especially if there is training from day one..
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  • Profile picture of the author moodyresources
    We had offline businesses where we had a lot of success until we bought a problem one that just got worse. Started looking online for my wife to do at home and bought an ecommerce store.

    That did well, but got tired of stocking inventory, so we did affiliate and other things and then have gone back to ecommerce except with affiliate stores and drop ship.

    It is what we know and enjoy and it is real family friendly.
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  • Profile picture of the author John Piteo
    I started buying "get rich quick" stuff in magazines in the early 90's. Never made a dime. Then in the late 90's all the "get rich quick" stuff started coming online. Of Course, I bought it all and didn't make any money.

    I tried all kinds of things, but nothing worked. Then in 2005 I started following a guy named Tim Gorman (Warrior TimG) in a forum. He was making around $10,000 a month with article marketing. So I tried it and quickly started making money. That helped me learn the basics of Internet marketing which, in turn, helped me start making money in lots of different areas.

    John P
    Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?

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  • Profile picture of the author Chri5123
    I used to do sales and I it dawned on me that I didn't need a manager one day!

    Of course he pays us but I do all the selling right?

    So I searched the internet and found "Data Entry Job" scams that were going about then! lol.

    I must confess i bought one and set up a Google adword promoting the affiliate product and then went away for 30 minutes expecting to be rich when I logged back on to my PC.

    I spent about £30 in as many minutes and needed to change my trousers!

    After that I messed about with Ebay making a bit of money but nothing special.

    Then I stumbled upon Travis's Bum Marketing Method and that was the real winner.

    I started to have success with that and the rest is history!

    All the best

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  • Profile picture of the author nicholasb
    Yes I owe a lot of credit to travis's bum marketing method considering I had literally no money to begin Internet marketing
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  • Profile picture of the author Essence
    I started by losing my job, and happening upon the book "the 4 hour workweek". The 4HWW website's Forums had mention of the 30-Day Challenge, and doing the 2007 30DC on my own time taught me the basics -- then the 30DC Forums lead me to the Warrior Forums, and I've continued to learn.

    To date, I've been at this for 6 months, and I've made less then $100 -- but it's because the first 5 months of effort were unfocused and flaily. I'm getting much better results now that I've picked a horse and ran with it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Joshua Houghton
      I have been working on my blog for a long time now and had always tried to make money with it using adsense, but the money never came. I have built up a great blog but was never able to covert anything and honestly I didn't even know what convert meant.

      I than found Yaro's blog and discovered I could actually make real money off of my blog. So that got me interesting in making money online, SEO and internet marketing. I discovered this forum through his site and have been working non stop on trying to generate income from my blog. I have been asking tons of questions and trying to study whatever I Can. I haven't had a sale yet, but with the help of this place I'm sure its soon. So that is how I got involved in this field. Oh, yeah I'm loving this field by the way.
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      • Profile picture of the author Les Blackwell
        I saw an ad for making loads of money from home and decided that this would be my last try in life.
        I set the money to one side and when I decided to pay I could not remeber where to go.
        I did a search on google and found a review site that said it was a scam but, pointed me somewhere else, so I bought that book and had info overload ever since.
        PR 1 after 4 months and waiting for the first cheque.
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        • Profile picture of the author Les Blackwell
          So I aint a IM yet but on my way lol
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          • Profile picture of the author skelley1
            So I aint a IM yet but on my way lol
            I feel your pain, brother. I'm not sure I could be considered one yet either since I just started, but the reason I got into it was because I had a lot of time on my hands on my last deployment and got into some passive income audiobooks from Rich Dad etc. I'm now working as a civilian contractor in the Middle East until my next deployment and have a lot of computer time since there's nothing else to do around here when you're not working.

            Combat zone downtime is a time for a lot of introspection so I started looking at what it means to be happy and made my first real blog about being happy through meditation and other self-improvement information (my Realizing.Me site), and it dawned on me that one of the ways I could benefit myself the most is by creating enough passive income so I could spend my days enjoying life instead of dodging bullets. Internet marketing and SEO are crucial to making that happen.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rich_Newell
    The "Crap" from the a-listers is not usually crap. It is just more intense and when you hit overload you don't move anywhere.

    I have been following all kinds of marketer. I even was put off by a guarantee from one marketer who never fulfilled his promise. He never had the call.

    I finally linked up with Willie Crawford. He has done some good things for me.

    Recently, I hooked up with Michael Cheney. I am in his closed Golden Thread program. I have not seen this kind of support in any program and his videos are well worth the price.

    You really need to pick something you can afford to do and just do it well. Become the expert. And forums are a good place to find yourself.
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  • Profile picture of the author ragnartm
    At the age of 14 I stumbled upon something called "traffic exchanges" after figuring I would try my hand at making money online. After visiting the sites other people promoted and signing up for an endless amount of newsletters I managed to generate 38 leads in 3 days, but since I couldn't get a paypal account or get any way to receive payments I just left it at that and went away from the internet marketing world (this was at the age of 16) then later I got back into TEs and started building my list again with way less success, therefore I decided to dabble into things like article marketing, blogging etc. I wouldn't say I'm not an Internet Marketer, just one of the less successful ones :p


    Quality over quantity. Hire me to write highly shareable, user focused blog posts or articles.

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  • Profile picture of the author MeTellYou
    I just wanted to say thanks for reassuring me. I really didn't think anyone really cared. Thanks,
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    • Profile picture of the author macknox
      I had an offline business that I wanted to advertise with Adwords. One thing lead to another... internet marketing. Now I am totally online!
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  • Profile picture of the author Phil Jones
    I had a passion to make more money than a job would give me. IM just seemed to be easy at the time so I got started.

    (I have since learned that internet marketing isn't easy :p)
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  • Profile picture of the author Quilst
    I didn't................
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  • Profile picture of the author jedz
    When I started to look and apply for the right company where I can learn lots of things especially about this kind of business.

    When our company trust me on this responsibility. Right now, I'm still learning and acquiring more knowledge. I love and enjoy being an internet marketer.
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  • Profile picture of the author jeffbaas
    I was forced into it. LOL

    I got laid off from a job where I had done writing, editing, and some HTML coding. It was right after 9-11, so jobs were scarce.

    I was talking about my job hunting to a group of people one day and a man in the group said he knew of a business that wanted to redo its website, but couldn't find anyone to do it. I interviewed and got the job.

    Well, I knew a little HTML, but I knew nothing about building an entire site or about ecommerce. So I picked up every book I could find on IM and taught myself enough to get the job done as I was doing it.

    Went on from there and never went back to working as an employee again.
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