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by dalvia
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Hey everyone,

I have a clickbank account and I want to market some projects not under my own name. (this is not to mislead) but I don't want my real name on every niche I enter.

In clickbank terms is says:

" - No such message will include any false or misleading information regarding your identity, or the intent, subject, or origin of the message."

So, does this mean account setup OR the name/author on the ebook?

Of course I'd put my real name of the account, just wondering about the products,

Any thoughts,
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    It's 100% fine to sell clickbank accounts under a pen name, a lot of people do it. Just remember that clickbank shows the payee name to the customer and that obviously has to be your real name. If you really don't want the customer to know who you are then setup a registered businesses and have the payee name as your business name.
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    there's absolutely nothing wrong with using pen names for marketing.

    in fact , i recommend it as it will help you minimize your competition as well as seem like an authority figure in your niches.
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