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I have been doing promotional oil spill videos (showing the beaches are clean) for some condo associations on the gulf coast and have developed a huge following via youtube and other video sharing sites.

I was toying with the idea of using the same market to show people who may soon be unemployed a way to make money online (they may need it very soon).

Bad idea?

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    That is a 'sticky' situation, as you don't want to come across as trying to take advantage of a situation, but if structured properly there could be a hungry market.

    Maybe if you could slip in a few "Luckily, I make my income online, so the spill won't affect my biz" type of comments, you will leave people curious and come to you asking for more details. Just make it easily accessible to your contact info (squeeze page).

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    I think it's a good idea, but try to give them some kind of price break at least... at lot of those people literally have just watched their business fall to pieces. Be very lax with refunds or financing... As long as you're more interested in helping them than making money (which I assume you are :-) ) it should be ok.
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    Those are actually two different markets, I may not understand who is watching the videos, but I would think the people interested in the videos would be people that are not in the area.

    Locals would be able to find the beach conditions etc locally.

    You know the source of your traffic so I could be totally off.

    My guess would be to take that same traffic that is skeptical about "Beach" travel and work with other non-beach resorts, in the area or internationally.

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      I wouldn't personally doing it, why not get a few hotels, condos etc in the area, put up a site and take bookings for them over the net or get them to buy advertising space. Instead of trying to turn it into a new market, use what is already there. Promote the beaches and the hotels around it, the hotels will love it. Even if you do it for free, your pick up some nice connections in the florida tourism business, who knows when that will come in handy :p.
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