I made $230 Today But Should Have Done Better

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G'day Guys,

I have a tale to tell and would like some follow up please.
Yesterday morning I had an idea of capitalising on the Halloween niche.
I have a Halloween PLR pack on my hard drive. Apart from an ebook about
making Halloween crafts of all sorts it has 50 Halloween articles and 5 mini reports on
sub niches.

I initially offered the 5 reports for free when opting in and offered the ebook as an OTO for $12

I went into my Adwords account and dug up a massive list of keywords (200+) and threw
them into Adwords. I only bid 8 cents on the keywords. After a couple of hours I checked mt stats and found that the most popular niche keywords were for "crafts" "pumpkin" "bat crafts" and "costumes". I ignored costumes as I have no product etc to offer so concentrated on these 3 terms.

I ran each term through the keyword tool and starting a new adgroup and soon found out what the popular searches were for these sub niches. I settled on the following terms:
crafts for preschool
pumpkin carving
make a hanging bat

I took an article on these exact topics and put them on a basic page. These pages are on a sub domain I have. The adwords ads were stuffed with the above phrases as were the articles. As a test I also put up identical pages but with Adsense on them.

I had 183 clicks on 12K impresssions ( Am I allowed to tell you this????... Gulp)
I had to up my bid on each search term to around the 30 cent mark to get the coveted 3-5 position. I made 25 sales x $12 = $300 - costs left me with $230 profit.

Also, I had over 60 clicks on my Adsense ads earning me over $18. I know this goes against what everyone says but it does not seem to have affected me that much.

Being a happy camper I spent the best part of today trying to find popular niches with low click costs.

Any thoughts , suggestions are welcome
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