Money outside the 3 big niches?

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Hi everyone

Is anyone making a good living outside the 3 big niches (health, wealth, relationships)?

I wonder if these three are where you need to focus


EDIT - this is not a request to reveal your niches outside these 3. It was a query around some information I have seen recently advising to focus on these 3 niches
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    Originally Posted by Geoff A View Post

    Is anyone making a good living outside the 3 big niches (health, wealth, relationships)?

    Hobbies (Knitting, Gardening etc.)
    Computer games
    Online gaming
    Social Networking
    Food - Pleasure food, cooking, recipes etc

    To mention just a few from the top of my head


    p.s. The 3 that you mention, are not what I would consider "the big three" in terms of niches.... Jus Sayin'

    Bare Murkage.........

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      Cool, thanks Jay! You have a great selection there. It's inspiring for people learning (like me) to see others doing well in a real variety of niches!

      thanks again
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    Of course they are - and you know that. Many people with successful niches aren't going to publicly reveal them though.
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      Originally Posted by Steve Peters Benn View Post

      Of course they are - and you know that. Many people with successful niches aren't going to publicly reveal them though.
      Thanks Steve - I will edit my above post - I am not asking people to reveal. It is just that I have seen recently that these 3 are where you should be focusing your efforts.

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    Tennis coaching, collectables and finance(bigger payouts) are all good earners.
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    Finding a good niche is not easy to do - but i find that once find a fit between you and a niche, lots of related things pop up that allow you to make even more money.

    I think we all have at least one interest that could be turned into a cash generating niche information business.

    The top 3 as you put it have huge markets, but also a lot of competition. I like to make my products very specific, with specific information it, so I'm not naturally drawn to the big 3...
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    Here are few, say:

    Online coaching,
    Designing etc.

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    Here are few more for you;

    · Services (several type of services)
    · Furniture
    · Clothing
    · Shoes
    · Clocks/watches
    · IPod applications
    · self-development



    Take Care

    "Every little obstacle—every fall you have—is an opportunity." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

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    If your going to pick a niche, why not pick one that you enjoy doing? Whether its stamp collecting, rock hunting, hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, movie reviews, game reviews, bike riding,,,,,,,, if you enjoy doing it, then why not try to make some money from it?

    I see no reason why you can not have fun at your hobby, and make money at the same time.
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    If you're indecisive on which niche to choose - use this spying method - in this case, you check out the top authors in and ArticlesBase in order to see what sort of niches that they chose and then, you can try building sites related to that niche.

    Basically, you can try out niches that you're not familiar with - in that case, you can outsource your article writing tasks to Warriors. If you don't mind, you can try my article writing service - check it out via my signature.
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    Woodworking is a great niche also, I used to be heavily involved in this hobby (not anymore - but probably will return later in life). I used to spend thousands of pounds keeping it up, on all the latest tools and gadgets - I was not alone, there are plenty of hobbyists in this (and other) areas. Kit Car Building, Boat Building, Building a House from scratch, General home improvement/DIY, 'cars' / mechanics - I'm talking boy racers here!, all very real and very practical hobbies that people invest a lot of time and money into on a regular basis.


    James (or Eddie)

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      No doubt, market would be way too much competitive if there were only 3 successful niches. Online gaming + computer games have to work well too, for example.
      Signature - PPC agency

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    I'm sorry but I don't see those as niches. I see them as broad categories.

    Drill down, drill down, drill down, and keep drilling down til you get something a LOT more specific - then I'd call that a niche.

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    There are many niches outside the "Big 3", however I always say do not discount the popular markets as there are hundreds of sub-niches.

    In the weight loss market for example, how many hundreds of different diets are there you could promote? Don't just think "lose weight" or "how to lose weight" type keywords.

    There are hundreds of sub niches that are not very competitive.
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    Geeesh ... I'm not in any of the BIG 3. Never have been. There are many profitable niches. Just ask anyone who did ezhuzhupets last Christmas season.
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    What exactly makes them the big 3?
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