How much money do I get paid

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I am working with another individual and creating a video product to sell.

He is the content creator.

The marketing plan is to generate traffic to our opt in page using various tools (Articles, Videos, CL Ads etc.)

I am creating articles, AR series, CL ads etc.. I have also secured Studio time in which we are going to shoot some infomercials (essentially a 30 second commercial we load onto youtube along with a sample of what are video product is). I am in charge of writing the scripts and I will also be the on air talent. (I have secured this for free through one of my contacts).

I will essentially be the figure head of the company at least all the customers will believe me to be the guy.

We have no products available right now and no money coming in the door. I have secured a weekly fee for my services which is great. The fee is ($2000 per month) and once products are developed and available for sale my income will be based on sales.

What percentage should I get here? Or what should I be going after?

I am pretty excited about our niche and what we have to offer. He is an expert in a field which is in demand. I have already been helping him secure appointments in which people are paying him $150 dollars per hour. Now we are basically taking that and offering 10 hours of his instruction on video for $97.

I am putting a lot of effort into this and want to make sure I have everything lined up.

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    Your percentage should have been agreed to from
    the beginning. I suggest that you discuss this with
    your partner and draw up a proper contract. This
    will prevent future problems.
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    Originally Posted by CashDoctor View Post

    What percentage should I get here? Or what should I be going after?
    I'm not trying to be offensive here, but you really should already know this. It should have already been planned!

    What do you think you are worth? Start negotiating now!
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      Everything that my partner and I do together is split 50/50.

      Sometimes, his end is more detailed than mine, as it is right now

      Don, if you are reading this - GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

      There are times though, where I have more to shoulder than he does, so
      it all evens out.

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