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Marcantony made a really good post on this page about Clickbank and PPC tactics. He says use PPC landing pages... don't send visitors directly to a sales page.

Maybe this is the mistake I made when trying to use PPC. I ended up giving up because the same sales pages I use to convert fairly well through natural searches failed to convert with PPC.

What kind of landing pages work well with PPC? Can anybody give any examples?
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    I wish I could answer your question, but we have the same problem!
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    When someone clicks on ad, he/she is interested in information. Give away good free information. If you have optin, make it single optin. No huge headers and straight to the point. Works for me...

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    Well said, Chris.

    People aren't so stupid that they can't tell you're grabbing for their wallets too quickly. If you entice them to your site, go ahead and give them something that is truly valuable and completely free. If the site is monetized by adsense or the likes, your delivery of truly valuable information becomes even more important - the longer you keep people on your site (the stickiness factor), the more likely they are to click on those adsense links.

    Y'all listen to Chris. He knows what he's talking about. - Russ
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    The PPC to Landing Page business model is very complex. Your success (or lack thereof) will depend on a number of variables and all the variables must work togheter so you can stack the odds in your favor. By complex I don't mean impossible (like most other things, there is a step by step procuder). But there is a learning curve involved.

    A landing page that works well in one industry (or even with one spesific keyword set) might not work at all in another industry (or another keyword set). That is why it is so important to track, test and improve and also to do your market research so you know what your market will respond to.

    Some tips:

    Your landing page must have one and ONLY one goal. Everything on the landing page must be designed in such a way as to achieve that goal. Define the goal and remove all other distractions.

    If a visitor lands on your page, he/she must be able to tell exactly what your page is about within 5 seconds. Hit them with a headline, tell them what you are offering, and make it easy for them to get it with a strong call to action. All this must be above the fold (ie they don't have to scroll down to see any of the above).


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