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I would like to do a video on what the HERO SONG lyrics mean to me.

I'd like to use the instrumental version in the background not the version where Mariah Cary is singing. Does any one know where I can get that music where I will not get into deep trouble with copyright infringement.
I'm not selling the video but the there is a link at the end of the video back to my sight.

I would like to put this up on Youtube. Is that possible?

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    Hey From a copyright perspective you'll be infringing the copyright. However there are some tunes that YouTube will let you get away with and although the Content Match Filters that YouTube run will pick it up, they won't suspend the sound or ban your video. If you've got an instrumental version of the track you'll probably get away with it - because the content filters are set up to match melodies. As you won't have the melody you may be safe. If you've got any musician friends and you can get them to change the key of the tune then the Content Match Filters won't pick that up. Getting hold of a track itself - the easiest thing is to buy a karaoke version of it. If you Google it you should find it. Some of the karaoke versions out there these days are played and recorded by real musicians and are very, very high quality. HTH.
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      I think your idea is excellent


      You can't use the original music without permission. Any permission you get will probably come with a fee.

      I have 2 published pieces of music (That no one wants to hear) but If people want to use them they need my permission.

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    Piece of advice #1: IANAL and WANLH* - you should always consult an attorney!

    See this page for a discussion and explanation of fair use:

    Podcasting Legal Guide - CC Wiki.

    Example 3 in the "Examples Of Fair Use That May Apply In Podcasting" section would be of interest.

    * - 'We Are Not Lawyers Here'

    The 2nd Amendment, 1789 - The Original Homeland Security.

    Gun control means never having to say, "I missed you."

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      While I am not an attorney I do know that with what you want to do there are some different rights involved.
      The first is publishing. You need to get a hold of whoever owns the publishing rights to the music and get their permission to use it.
      Now all this does is give you permission to actually use the tune, HOWEVER unless you have a way of re-recording the music yourself you will now need to get a mechanical/sync license from whoever owns the master recording that you wish to use. (this could cost you a lot.)
      Usually this information can be found on the CD cover.

      Because of the different rights involved a lot of times companies will just obtain rights from the publisher to use the piece of music and then have someone else do a recording of it as a "work for hire" so that the company owns that master recording and can use it however they want.
      This is usually why you will hear different versions of famous songs used in commercials. The origianl artist may have sold the publishing to their music for a cash advance, so they don't have a say as to how and when it is used but they still have a say, along with their record label, as to how their original recording is used.
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