Money! Clean, Sexy, Money! What really works?

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Hi Y'all

Im in the middle of a copywriting book that states 95 percent of internet marketers are blind, leading nowhere. It further states that only 5% really makes a decent living.

It states that the formula is copy that sells! Since I don't accept opinions without proper/verifiable information

I would like to ask everybody their true opinion and experience about:

1. What is really working for you? (i.e. Affiliate Marketing, Info marketing ,Adsense, Etc)

2. What do you do? (i.e. Promote using Bum Methods, Conduit Method, Press release, Adwords, Etc.)

3. How many hours per day do you do it?

4. How much are you earning per month?

5. What is the special quality you use in doing this? (i.e. Focus, Consistency, Etc.)

I would like to know the truth in this. I want to really know what works.

Thanks Y'all

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