I can't get traffic at all

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I read around this forum, and hear many claims of people having 50-100 page views a day, even though they just put up their site a couple of days ago.

I have made 5 different sites, and they have all together received only 10 page views.

This perplexes me to no end because one of the sites is on the first page of google, and one of the sites has been submitted to 30 different social bookmarking sites, 15 rss feed sites, and 20 article publishing sites, including ezine (submitting all this took forever...)

I just don't get how to receive traffic at all.
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    What niche are you in? If you are on page 1 of google for a very low searched keyword term then that is a problem for starters.

    Submitting your articles to ezine won't necessarily bring you traffic, you need to have high quality and targeted articles which entice people to click on your anchor texts links within the authors bio / box.

    If you want to disclose what keywords etc you are targeting it may be some help to others to answer in fuller detail.

    My 2cents.
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    hi April

    This is a BIG question & involves so much in terms of response.. there are so many variables as to what you are asking..

    It depends on what niche you are selling into, what keywords you used, how popular are those niches, etc etc

    What you did already are a good start but there is so much more to it. And many of those WSO's or other people claiming 1000's of visitors in a few days, are usually talking about paid traffic through either PPC or PPV. Or, they are doing things like getting backlinks from paid high PR sites.

    Of course there are ways of getting lots of free traffic in a few days, but in general, most of us take at least a few weeks if not months in some cases to build viable traffic.

    There are lots of good eBooks available on this site that can help you out with this but the big thing is don't give up. What you have done is really just the beginning - as you learn more, trial more & keep persevering you will find out how to do all of this better & you WILL start seeing good traffic.

    Keep at it.. don't become another IM statistic that gave up..

    Good luck with it..
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    Is the topic of your website interesting, controversial, intriguing? Does it appeal to a problem many people have by offering a solution to that problem?

    There are a number of reasons you may not be getting traffic (I still don't get a lot, after 135+ articles on my blog) but answering those questions above may help.
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  • One thing that I find that very few people do is do on page optimization with the meta tags. If you want view the source of my site robert kennedy in my sig (just chop off the blog part of the URL to get to my homepage.) I find that maxing out your meta tags the way I have really kicks ass - It has worked really well for me on other sites.

    PM Me Now!

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    Except it makes no sense, because as I said, I created 5 different sites.

    They range from obscure niches to very popular niches. One is about a very popular camcorder, and as I said, it's on the front page of google. According to my research, it recieves over 5000 searches a day in my niche keyword.

    Yet after 5 days, I only have 7 hits (I'm doing so crappy that one site is outdoing the my four other sites T . T)

    Thanks for the advice ninja, I'll check out your source code.
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      Try a different stats package; and don't rely on server stats alone. GoStats offers a good free stats counter - use the single pixel counter instead of the Java counter to ensure all your visitors are counted and not just those with Java enabled.

      As others have said, don't give up and don't expect instant results. It takes time to develop good traffic. Look at my sig for a few ideas.
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    If your page is on page 1 but nobody is searching for that term it's still useless, try to research for keywords which more people searched on and you'll improve your traffic, also if your site is still very new, you need to give it some time before you can see an increase in traffic.

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    Don't worry too much about it, as you are on the right track. If you are marketing a popular camcorder, I suggest that you visit forums where this camcorder is being discussed.

    There are forums in virtually every niche, and by having a quality signature link that links to your website you can get some targeted traffic fast. Just make sure that you contribute valuable content, and know your product inside-out.

    Also, instead of submitting to ezinearticles you may want to find some popular blogs or websites within your niche and contact the blog or website owners about doing a guest post.

    Often times this type of "content syndication" will get you a lot more traffic than traditional article marketing. Just don't give up, because this whole "internet marketing thing" is a great way to make a living, and sure makes for a great lifestyle!
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      Some of the people you are hearing about having "quick" traffic like that may already have a following and simply spread the word to their established list of people to visit their new site. Things aren't always what they appear!
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    Drive good traffic to your site.
    Couple of things that you must consider are keywords, content and SEO.
    What keywords do you use in your content? is your content keyword rich? so the google would find your blog?

    Article writing
    Article submission
    Social Bookmarking
    Blog commenting - on related niche
    Forum Posting
    Video marketing
    Social networking

    Hope this helps Hope you find progress to your site. More Power.

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      April, I just want to point out something that maybe you already know, but I didn't know until very recently, so I will share it here.

      When you are logged into Google or using the same computer with the same viewing history, it can give you false info as to where your site is.

      Like you, I was bemoaning the "fact" that I had two sites on the first page of google, that were combined getting only a few views per day, when actually they are on the 2nd and 3rd pages. Another one I thought was on the 3rd page, is really on the 5rd page.

      This is the site I went to to check:


      Maybe you can use this info.


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      I signed out of google, and cleared my history, and I'm still on the first page of google for my hottest webpage.

      8 hits in 5 days. As I said, I have over 70 backlinks, including ezine that everyone claims gets you dozens of hits.

      Ninja, I added meta tags to all my sites. We'll see what happens.

      I realize that a deep amount of work goes into this stuff. But lately, I've been testing newbie strategies. I've ripped up the internet searching for every free, easy to set up internet marketing strategy.

      I'm just bummed, because people say that they are making over $1000 a month just submitting ezine articles (how you think of 30 different articles to write on the same subject, I will never understand, I mean, I'm very good at English, but 6000 words is no joke...)

      It can't be that my niches are bad. I triple checked every niche with not only the highly recommended market samurai and senuke, but manually (google adword tool, typing it in and checking the pages, etc.)

      So I'm pooped out right now.
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    Check out my article on Ezine articles - it's got good tips on how to get ideas and keep writing articles - I used to struggle with this too!

    3 Tips to Keep Those Quality Articles Pouring Off Your Keyboard
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    Set a google alert for camcorder.

    Pre-write a few decent comments around the keyword camcorder (even adding the model of the camcorder) about how it captured the cute moments of your child or a cute moment about any family member. Personalize the comment whenever possible. Anchor the keyphrase if possible.

    As soon as an appropriate google alert hits your inbox...choose the most relevant and logical prewritten comment and post it.

    The key here is to be among the first to comment so you have to be on top of the game. That way you can gain the exposure that the google alert will hand you. Like you have set yourself up for the alerts...so have many others. So the post that you will be placing your comment on will have a decent elevation of traffic served to it for a couple of days.
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    Watch ya

    You are not alone, a lot of internet marketers especially when they first start out find that generating traffic to there sites one of the hardest things they will come across.
    You mention that you are on the first page of google. This is a good thing but if people are not interested in your niche then you won't be getting any traffic to your site.

    Submitting articles and submitted those to social bookmarking sites is a good way to generate some traffic but it’s not the only way you can generate traffic. As a matter of fact there are many more such as forums, blog commenting, blog carnivals, YouTube, twitter, facebook etc.

    My advice to you is to concentrate on just one of your sites for now. Once you know how to generate tons of traffic to this site then start doing the same to your next site.

    Good luck to ya
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    My advice is to not give up. One thought though. If you are on page one, is your title and description grabbing the visitor's attention? Keep at it and good luck to you!
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