Help! I have Studio Time with the Discovery Channel tomorrow

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I am working with a client and we are putting togethor an instructional video site.

A contact of mine is a video production guy at the Discovery Channel. And he has invited me to come into the studio tomorrow free of charge and he will shoot some video for me.

He already has the studio set up which he says will be a living room type scene. We are talking proffesional sound, multiple camera angels great lighting etc..

I was not expecting this but I am certainly going to jump on the chance.

My thoughts were to create:

10 - 30 second segments in which I talk about our video tutorial. This will then be edited to add a sample video of our product. I will then load these to youtube etc.

5 - 60 second Segments in which I will introduce part 1 of our email series, part 2 etc..

Interview - 20 minutes. I am sitting down with the creator of the content who is an expert in the feild. Not nationally recognized but he will certainly come off as knowledgeable. I will ask him questions and let him ratlle off info. Real casual.

I am putting togethor some scripts. I am not a proffesional copy wrighter.

From my limited understadning of producing Sales copy. I am crafting my message as such.

1) Define Problem
2) Agitate
3) Unveil Solution

I have learned this from a Dan Kennedy book. I like using this model as I am succesfully cranking out 30 -60 second scritps.

I need advice and guidance. This project is moving at warp speed and I need to make the best of my studio time tomorrow.

Any info would be great.
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