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by jdenc
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Some of you may recall I was having a big problem getting WP to install locally to my machine the other day. I was using Xaamp and I banged my head against the wall for hours trying to figure it out. No joy. And although several people here offered advice(thank you again) none of it solved my problem. Well I found a solution and I thought I'd let you know about it.

I downloaded EasyPHP. Took a few minutes to download then all I had to do was download the module they had for WordPress. In 5 minutes I was working with WP locally. And it is free.

It's so great to finally have it here where I can experiment without having to go on the web with it. I have only just started playing with it but it looks like it will let me do everything I need to so I can develop the WP site and then move it online. And it was very easy.

Just thought I'd share for anyone else planning on trying this and having problems. I see on the WP forums that a lot of people do have issues doing this.
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    I loved EasyPHP too. It worked great for WP but as soon I tried to run Drupal and some ecommerce scripts it started to throw tantrum. I was very disappointed for a long while until I came across Vertrigoserv.

    Now, I am in love with Vertrigoserv! Until it fails me too.. :rolleyes:

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