foul language and article directories?

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I've been reading about submitting articles and how much good that can be for incoming links and such...

I've been away from this forum for a few years and this suggestion seems to still be as valid as it was when I read this forum daily in 2005.

My question: I've got blog posts about addiction, worded in the venacular that addicts use (takes one to know one), that L.C.S.W. drug counselors told me where spot on both in content and context and they're short.

An active addicts attention span is short.. if you're gonna help em you gotta get to the point!

I wrote these using Allen's Magic Letters as a template, short blurbs that cut to the chaste.

In 2005 I collated these articles/ blog posts into an Ebook that sold daily.

Surprisingly the majority of my ebooks customers were Drug Counselors!
the majority of my feedback and testimonials were from Drug Counselors!

Fair enough.. so...

Should I clean up the foul language before I submit these posts as articles?

Is foul language going to automatically get my submission rejected?

I'm thinking like HBO here.

take out the cursing and lose the target audience.

Eddy Murphy/ Lenny Bruce/ Richard Pryor.. all were told to clean up the foul language

... if they'd done so would we know thier names?

The daily show and Colbert Report... they bleep out the curse words because of the FCC

their target market knows what is being said when the bleep hesitates or you can here a faint "F" before the bleep kicks in.

What do you think?

Should I... submit two versions? Clean and Real?
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    This may depend on the terms of various article directories. I would talk to them and see how they feel about it.

    Some may require a disclaimer, some may reject altogether no matter how much you try and clean it up. It's their service, and their rules are what matters, not my opinion.
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      Drug addicts themselves, because of the nature of addiction (Denial), will rarely if ever read about addiction, it's a lost cause.

      Those you mention will be your readers in addition to the families and loved one's of those.

      And also the ones looking for guidance. Focus on them when writing.

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    Sorry this is off topic, but what is Magic Letters?
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      What is Magic Letters?

      original ebook created by our fearless leader...
      this ebook is what got me terminally hooked on marketing in general, and specifically Internet Marketing back in 2001 (an eon ago in Google™ time)

      Internet Marketing Warriors Membership Group -Thank You Allen Says is where I collected the pages from that ebook

      we can't use the ebook in it's orginal form because it was set up to sell the Warriors Marketing Membership Group in a format that the Warriors is no longer organized into.
      the Warriors has morphed... it's now on steroids and DNA enhancing drugs and uses forces beyond the known laws of nature.. (I'll stop now)

      David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
      Lawyer Local SEO - |

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