How Has Warrior Forum Change Your Life

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I can't believe I have spent a minimum of 8 hours daily on this place for the past 2 weeks. This place seems addicting. Coming here seems to be a must to me. I thought I was going to reduce the amount of time I spend here daily but instead it is getting worst after making my first affiliate sale.

I don't know who created this forum but he or she is already my hero. Through the help of this forum I am finally going to prove my Dad who believes I am going crazy for not searching for a "better" job and prove my mom and my financee right.

tell me your stories, how has this place changed your lives? Let me and some other newbies learn from your stories.

For Those who read my previous post I have created my second lens check it out and let me know what more needs to be done. Should I go ahead and ping it or wait till it get featured on squidoo before pinging and posting on social sites.
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    You know, this place has given me a lot. More than just knowledge.

    It has given me HOPE!

    There are some truly great people here.
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