IM gurus who made money in the non-IM niches first?

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Who are some good IM gurus who made their money first in the non-IM niche first before they really began promoting IM products (coaching, seminars, ebooks, etc)?

By Internet marketers -- I mean people who promote "make money online" products (PLR products, trafffic generation, listbuilding, SEO products, etc).

One come to mind is Eben Pagan -- he made millions in the dating niche (Double Your Dating) as David Dangelo before he began his current content-marketing/info-product coaching program.

I respect "gurus" or any Internet marketers if they made a lot money in non-IM niches first (health, sports, relationship, self-help, gaming, etc) before promoting all these "make money online" products to others.

It seems like many newbies these days want to establish themselves as an Internet marketer by selling others on how to make money (list building, blogging, seo, adsense, product launches, etc) when they first starting out (even if they haven't made a dime!).

But wouldn't you gain more credibility making money from non-IM niches first...and then start promoting Internet/Affiliate marketing products to others next?

Anyways, which gurus come to mind?
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    lol, its quite amusing
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    Jeff Walker - he had a free, then paid, stock investing newsletter long before PLF was born.

    Keep in mind that Jeff Walker was not a guru back then...he was just a guy who knew how to invest in stocks. It's a nice story actually, and I'm not just talking about the stuff he revealed in the recent video he released that we probably all got told about a hundred times over the past few days

    I think I'm like you, except I respect anybody who currently makes money both in- and outside the IM market (and not just those who started out elsewhere).

    Also, I'm not sure, but I think Russell Brunson started out in the potato gun niche I always thought that was just a side project, but the potato gun thing might've actually led to the birth of DotComSecrets.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Ryan Deiss had early successes in the Forex and Fitness markets - and has a bunch of other non-IM products going strong.
    His IM stuff is excellent, I've bought a lot of his stuff and been happy with it.

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