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I am getting ready to launch a new campaign with one of my products. I've noticed many people offering videos and reports as part of the pre-launch process. However, where I'm stuck is how to give affiliates proper credit for sending subscribers and traffic to my landing page. I plan to use Butterfly Marketing to manage the site.

Here's what I want to do:

Day 1-Free Video # 1 with Opt In
Once they opt in, they'll get video #2

Day 2-Video #3

Day 3-Special Report

Day 4-Teleseminar

Day 5-Product Launch

Ok, with that said, I don't know what the process should look like and how to give affiliates credit throughout the process.

Do I set up Butterfly Marketing on a separate directory than the home page? If so, how do I drop the affiliate cookie provided by the Butterfly Marketing script during the pre-launch videos and report? Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your help...

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