Adswaps that are constantly sending you sales pitch -- effective conversion?

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What email course/system out there teaches people to do adswap 5 times a week and telling you to constantly send subject lines like, "Bob -- my friend wants you to download this free now!"

Are these techniques coming from old rehashed PLR ebooks from 2003 or something?

I was signing up to receive a free ebook...and the next day I got an email of his/her "friend" giving another free product. So, I decided to optin for that one.

And before you know it, after joining two others email list, I've been receiving more of these similar emails. Multiplying 2x...3x..4x...

These are the kind of messages I'm talking about...

"Hey Bob, did you download this $97 report free? It's gone tomorrow!"
"Hey Bob -- download the $17.1 million PLR products for free now!"
"Re: Hey Bob -- this is insane! Download this $197 course for free now!"

All it took is signing up for one person IM email list..and then see the effect of your inbox flooding with those kind of emails.

It's felt like a virus or safelist flood effect or something.

This does not bother me so much since I use a throw-away email just for those opt-in type of offers. :rolleyes:

Now, are these adswaps and sending people free downloads effective at getting sales or what?
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    I guess they are effective at getting subscribers to lots of lists.

    I also experienced the same "inbox collapse" effect recently, after registering to download lots of free crappy ebooks.

    The only thing they achieved, though, is to annoy me, and have me unregister from most of the lists in less than 3 days. My inbox is a peaful place again :-)
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    Ya, I did read somewhere that it's the responsive/quality of your subscribers -- not the quantity.

    The way I see things -- a newbie might think having 1,000 leads within a week is great. But they don't realize it's really 400 who wants free stuff, 300 who don't even know what you're focus/niche is, 100 which goes to spam, 100 who's about to unsubscribe, and only 100 who might actually click your link. But with a 10% open-rate, 10 people might open and none will buy! Out of 1,000 people, only 10 are targeted. Plus, the more sales pitch you send them, the more they're going to unsubscribe.

    There's a few IMers out there whose emails always been salespitch. It's like -- that person rarely talks about his/her OWN insights -- but only giving me old PLR ebooks to download. And trying to get me to buy the latest product launch along with 50 others doing the same. Huh???

    For the past 2 two months, my inbox was like that.

    Now these days, I only subscribe to 1 well-known IM and a highly popular online business newsletter. As a result, I no longer suffer from information overload and actually made more money buying the 'right' kind of products.
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