Help! How To Animate My Powerpoint SLides like the gurus?

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Call me copycat whatever...I don't care.

I've been looking at the recent launches such as video boss, plf 3.0, list control, etc etc and I can't help but feel impressed with the screen cam videos that these gurus use.

I know that these videos are done with an iMAC, Keynote and Screenflow, all 3 of which I do not have.

I only have Powerpoint. SO can anyone point me to someone who can take my powerpoint slides and use iMac, Keynote and Screenflow to record them such that the standard is almost the same as the gurus?

Mister Bryan
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    Just keep in mind that in a lot of markets, a more amateur type video will work just as well as a flashy one, if not better. These guys have all made a name for themselves and everyone already knows who they are and what they are about.

    If you are trying to start and build a relationship with new people from scratch, a lot of times just coming across as an average joe will work better than a 100% wang-ding polished performance.

    Imagine you are just like the person you are trying to target but you have just discovered something really important and you want to share it with others as quickly as you can. Do you think you would bother putting together some flashy, animated video? No, you'd just type out some quick slides and get it recorded because it is that important.

    Just a thought...

    Just a thought...
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