How do you promote affiliate products

by ayush 11 replies
A quick poll - suppose you find a good affiliate product to promote. How would you promote it? What would be your primary method of promotion -

- AdWords / PPC
- SEO / Blogging
- Email Marketing (to your own list)
- Social Networking
- Bum Marketing
- Forum marketing
- Other paid methods (AdBrite, banners, ezine ads etc)
- Any other method
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    How about email on your list
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    I can't believe I forgot that. Now am unable to edit it...
    If its email marketing, just mention it in your post please and select 'other'

    That's the only thing we can do now
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    Review sites. Find at least two competing products and set up a site around reviewing them. If it converts well enough, send some PPC traffic from people searching for the product to the review.
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    Hey Dan, how do you 'test' the waters initially and know that it converts well.
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    Lots of ways. If the program's on a big network like CJ, they tell you its network performance. You can make some forum posts, list it in a marketplace, or run a limited PPC test. Anything to get a couple hundred visits to see what the response will be before running a full-blown campaign. I already have a number of high-traffic websites I can use to send traffic to new ones, which is a free way to test, but that's not available to everyone.
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    I love writing articles, blogging, and setting up Hubpages and Squidoo lenses. Review sites work the best, but here lately Ezine Articles isn't too keen on letting you put a link to a review site in your article.

    Anyway, these are my favorites!

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    You can use your own list and send emails to them.
    Link exchange
    review sites
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    Its hard to choose one method of directing traffic, i tend to dabble with many techniques. Forum marketing is very easy and can be done whilst learning new things. PPC can be highly profitable but i tend to start of small this allows me to get a feel for the potential of the site.

    SEO / Blogging and Bum marketing are two very good ways also. Admittedly i cant choose just one technique, i feel if i did i would be limiting my traffic
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    Tried adwords when I first started and lost several 1000's and then stopped it. Can't seem to get that down. Now just using emails and blasters
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    Review sites!
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    Article marketing; though EZA seem to be going thru a picky phase at the moment. Forum marketing can be quite good too if you find the right forum!

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