Anyone know anything about squidoo?

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I have had a squidoo page up for about 3 to 4 weeks now. I have received over 100 visitors but all of them are from ezinearticles. I can not figure out how to get my page to rank on google. can anyone tell me if i am doing something wrong?

the page is save money on gas
Any advise would be great. Thank you!
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    So I am guessing no one knows anything about squidoo?

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    I did look your "lens" over. I do think you could improve the writing, but that won't have any effect on your Google showing. That's why I didn't say anything. But to take a stab at it, it'll be a function of how long your lens has been up and what keywords you're targeting.

    It also might help if you added a few more sections. The lens, as it is, is a little short on content.

    Best of luck with it. - Russ
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      Use "Advanced Search" and look up threads with "squidoo" in title - there are several threads - and a WSO - about squidoo

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      Do you have any other related inbound links?

      Could you create other informational pages (or non-spammy forum posts on the great wide interweb) that would create some valuable incoming links for you?

      What about blogging ... do you have a blog about cars or energy efficiency you could salt the lens into?

      I'm just trying to think of some ways to get the lens more into the mainstream ... I don't know if these techniques would help particularly much with rankings or traffic, because I'm not sure what specifically most helps Lens rankings.

      There's also an eBook out there, "Squidoo Profits: Step by Step Guide" by JP Schoeffel.

      I want to try my hand at Squidoo too, but I haven't taken the plunge yet.



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        I've been wanting to take a stab at Squidoo myself but lack any knowledge in making it successful. Just how different is it from blogging? I'm sure some of the same rules apply.

        I see some folks charging an "arm and a leg" for creating Squidoo pages. Is it really that difficult?

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          Originally Posted by Mickey Janzen View Post

          I've been wanting to take a stab at Squidoo myself but lack any knowledge in making it successful. Just how different is it from blogging? I'm sure some of the same rules apply.

          I see some folks charging an "arm and a leg" for creating Squidoo pages. Is it really that difficult?
          Creating exceptional, SEO charged Squidoo lenses that look good to both search engines AND humans is a lot tougher to achieve than you might think.

          You are correct in the respect that some of the same rules apply, but Squidoo is a unique creature with a lot of ins and outs that are best manipulated by people who take a craftsman's approach to Squidoo lens creation.

          Lots of people know HTML, but you will still pay good money for an effective website. The same applies to Squidoo lenses for internet marketers.
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    The water for gas niche is very competitive right now, so getting top ranking on google might be hard -but not impossible.

    To get higher ranks on google you should get more backlinks with related anchor text. If your keyword is "water for gas" write articles that link back to your lense with keywords like "water for gas", "use water for gas", "water instead of gas" and similiar phrases.

    Your target market is very broad (people that need to save money on gas), so try to appeal to tighter segments in your market. Maybe taxi drivers, or pizza delivery drivers, delivery drivers in general...

    Once you have found smaller groups of people to target, then you can look for places where they hang out online... (forums, websites, etc...)

    If you find forums, then join the conversation with useful and intelligent posts geared to help, once you have your post count up then insert the link to your lense in your signature file.

    If you find websites where your target market segment hangs out, then try to contact the owner of the site and offer them a free unique article in exchange for a backlink.

    Also remember to link see what other lenses in your niche are using for tags, and make sure you use the same tags so that people browsing can find your lense.

    Social bookmarking is great as well, but like everything else... make sure you add value first, sell second.

    Hope this helps,

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    I know "a thing or two" and it needs more content. And images.

    Make it shareable.
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    Submit the RSS fed for your lens to and and ping your lens in
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    Well, I read an ebook on Squidoo that suggested to do those. I think it just gets your link out there to other sites and gives you more exposure
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    All good tips - just from some personal experience - I set up a lens on the hyper-competitive IM "Niche" (more like battleground) and have already ranked #45 in the SEO ranking and just over 3000 overall - which frankly blew me away. I put it down to "pinging" - as per etc - and adding fresh, optimized content. You can see it at Squiddo under "freetrafficrules" if you want to take a look.

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    Beyond squidoo the best way to get your site moving is to post on digg, mixx, scribd and a bunch of other social bookmarking sites. Also send a press release out through

    I have done this and my site usually gets to google within 24hrs.

    Oh yeah!! Go to autopinger and ping your lens and any other site associated with your content.

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