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I've been seeing a lot of posts about people sending traffic to their clickbank products or an affiliates with things like squidoo lenses, seo websites, youtube, whatever it may be, and having problems converting on them, and assuming you have chosen a product with a decent sales copy and conversion a lot of you are missing one key element:

You're ability to relate to the customer by comparison!

I have found (And this is no secret really) that whatever you're sending public traffic to can see much better results by playing on the customers thought that you are just like them!
I highly suggest doing a review page like so many have, why are there so many? Cause they work!

Take multiple products from clickbank, talk about the negatives and positives of the product, make one product blatantly a little bit better than the others (probably the one you know or think will convert the best)

and dont forget people love little gimmicks, give your page a little title like and I give "Stereotypical over hyped IM product" 4 out of 5 mop buckets hahaha 8-)

Another suggestion is OMG use a link cloaker! After all this "im just trying to help people find the right products" talk, and the see that hop=sffg543 in the URL many people will know somethings up! (not all but plenty to be worth looking into a link cloaker)

Well I hope this helps!! If anyone has any specific questions be sure to PM me and ill answer the best I can
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    Great post!

    Another way to do this is by using testimonial type pages. Instead of reviewing many products, you tell the story of how the specific product you are promoting helped you in your problem.

    You also want to play it off as if you once were in your target customer's position. "I had that problem, but I found the solution..." type deal.

    As far as the URL cloaking, I think it is crucial in Internet Marketing related products, but maybe not as crucial in other niches... Having a cloaked URL won't ever hurt though.

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    Great post. I am having the same traffic problems. Your information seems valuable and I'll implement it and see what happens.
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    I love using review sites, but what are you guys doing when writing articles? For the past several days, every article I write on EZA is getting kicked back because of links to review sites.

    I do put my articles on other sites, but EZA is the best for traffic. Their rules are getting very strict. While one editor may pass the article, the next will kick it back. Very frustrating!

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    hmmmm, the only time i've ever done article marketing was when I did promotion for a anxiety help website so I don't have a whole lot of background with article marketing (Im more of a rush rush get money now kinda guy :-p ), but I read a post earlier in the week about how strict they were getting and little ways to help get your articles approved, il lsee if I can dig it up
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    Fantastic post, some simple but awesome points!
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    Before i discovered the whole money making scene i new nothing about affiliate links so i totally agree with guillopuyol, however it doesnt take long to cloak a link and sometimes it is better safe than sorry.

    As for article marketing i have found them to be getting quite strict however most of the time i have resubmitted and a new editor passed it so i guess its pot luck. I guess the solution is try to abide by the rules as best you can.
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      Hi Destin,

      and dont forget people love little gimmicks, give your page a little title like and I give "Stereotypical over hyped IM product" 4 out of 5 mop buckets hahaha 8-)
      Like your style.

      You'll clean up with that janitor approach (groan) :rolleyes:

      Roger Davis

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        review sites ( write articles and review a site) bring in the big bucks
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      What do you mean by "cloak a link" and how do you do it?
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        Originally Posted by Bob Montgomery View Post

        What do you mean by "cloak a link" and how do you do it?
        It means hiding your link so that people will not see that you are linking to an affiliate program.

        There are many ways to cloak your link, I have a free tool at my website a free & simple link cloaker:


        1) Enter the title and web address (including the http:// prefix) of the target web page.

        2) Click on the Generate Cloak HTML button to generate the cloaked web page code.

        3) Click anywhere in the Cloaked HTML box to select all of the text.

        4) Right-click on the selected text and select "Copy" (or press CTRL-C) to copy the text to the Clipboard.

        5) Paste the code into a BLANK text file, save it as "mypage.html" (or whatever you want to call it).

        6) Upload the file to your web server. You're ready to go!

        Hope that helps!

        - Jared


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