HELP: Looking for Tablet with "Write On" Capabilities

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I have two purposes for a computer.

1. The look at Power Points.
2. To get on the internet.

When the iPad came out I was excited because I was thinking you would be able to take a "pen" and write on it aka I could take noteson /underline my Power Points.

I've seen tablets with with a keyboard and a reversible screen that has write on capabilities, but I'd like something with the shape and thinness of an iPad or Kindle that also has this feature.

Does anyone know of a product that offers this? Is there an app for the iPad that will let you do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Originally Posted by Woody Crenshaw View Post

    Does anyone know of a product that offers this?
    The Newton, but that was discontinued many years ago...

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    Have you checked out: www dot EntourageEdge dot com - I think that is what you are looking for!

    Sorry - not enough posts for me to include the link :-(

    Be Well.
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    Thank you PTaubman.

    I had not heard of the Entourage Edge, but I decided to do a little research.

    It seems to be a little on the "beta" side and not worth the money right now. I will keep an eye out on the company thought and hopefully they can bring a thinner, single screen option.

    I was not aware that the iPad would not support Microsoft Office so I guess that rules out my iPad dreams for school.

    Anyone else have any ideas for a tablet like the iPad that supports Microsoft Office and has write on capabilities?
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