Internet Millionaires Summit

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I have just spent two days at this event and this is awesome. You are meeting real people who are behind making phenominal amounts of money like $40 million.

The content I've learnt has blown me away.

Free Tip: Do a google on Roy Carter, he makes big money Eeesy.

Barry Hurst
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    where the event was held? seems very interesting. where people with experience to share what they have done so until they are successful today
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    Post more about the event please?

    Rick Dearr
    RnR Marketing, LLC
    Sandy, Utah 84070
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    This is being held at the Hilton Metropole London UK. The last day is tommorrow with Saj P speaking should be awesome!
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    I am going to BIG Internet Marketing Summit in Vegas in 3 weeks, some big name speakers on my side of this industry will be there.

    No Excuses Summit w/ Mike Dillard & Co.

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    I wish I could be classified as a millionaire! I still have a lot of hard work to do!
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    George did a great job huh!
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    I missed this, found about it today :-(. I seriously need to meet other marketers in the flesh.

    Hope it was good.
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    I was at this event, a very worthwhile 3 days! Great to shake hands with a millionaire I found the networking aspect of it really cool and generated some leads for myself.

    Of course it was pitchy, thats why these guys are doing it...but some great info..and with some research you can fill in the blanks and create for yourself some awesome strategies!

    No I didnt buy anything myself
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    The less you pay, the more pitch you get.

    That's OK though - just be ready for it - there's still usually loads of useful information.

    My advice - take loads of notes and seize the opportunity to meet other like-minded people.



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      The less you pay, the more pitch you get.

      That's OK though - just be ready for it - there's still usually loads of useful information.

      My advice - take loads of notes and seize the opportunity to meet other like-minded people.



      I love, love, love attending these summits and workshops, but Neil's right. At the end of the day, it's all about the networking opportunity at the end of the day. After all, if you were only interested in the products they're flogging at the back of the room, you could just do a Google search and find out everything you need to know about the 'Gurus'.

      Andrea, The English Webmistress
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    Hi Everyone

    The Summit was awesome - I was there all 3 days and bought the T-shirt - literally! Well, kind of.

    I went with a group of fellow students who I hadn't yet met, from a mentoring course called, 'Marketing with Alex' (run by an up and coming Internet Marketer called Alex Jeffreys,who you may, or may not, have heard of (he's Welsh but moving to USA by the end of this month) - but I digress!

    One of the students made up some t-shirts for us, but we were too shy to wear them amongst hundreds of other people.

    My point?

    The Internet Millionairs Summit was absolutely great!

    Well worth my trek 50 miles down the M1 Motorway and a 3 night stay at the Mother-in-Law's!

    Also, well worth the early morning wake-ups (9.00 am start - too early in my opinion) and the late night finishes - after a few half-lager-shandies discussing top tips with my newly formed Masermind Group!

    Anyway, if you are interested - I have put together a FREE report on what I learned - which was loads!

    A lot of the focus was about profitable techniques that WORK using Social Media Marketing, niche website creation for affiliate and own product markting and mucho moro.

    Want to know more?

    You can download my FREE Insider Secrets Report from my blog. I DID take copious notes and I decided - why NOT share them? So I have.

    Download a copy if you want and let me know your feedback.


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