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Hi there WF,

So now that I've had a chance to hang around the forums a bit and kinda introduce myself, I wanted to put out there my IM journal and product case studies that I've been doing on YouTube. I make them all in ScreenFlow and my primary concern is providing value and letting you guys look in on my journey. There's never any affiliate links or product pitches, and I include all my contact info if you'd like to contact me. Tiffany Dow said some very nice things about them here: Show Me Your Internet Marketing Journals

Otherwise, here are the first 3 videos if you'd like to catch up:

and finally....

  • How Ed Dale Wastes Time
  • New Courses I'll Be Reviewing
  • Exciting News for Me
  • Terrible News for Me- Losing My Main (and kinda Only) Income Stream

and more of course!

Thanks guys, talk to you soon.
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