Making Money From Local Listings - How is it done?

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I went to a local Indian Restaurant for a takeaway meal, and said by way of a favour that I would add their business to Google Maps, which they hadn't done. I did it to find out what the process is, and in part I have found it to be a little difficult.

The reason being is that Google ask the business owner to input a pin which I could do if I use my phone number, but if you change it then a new pin is required, and their automated service phones the business number listed for proof that they are legit.

The owner or manager was very busy at the time and I'm sure didn't understand/appreciate what I was doing (or trying to do) for him, by way of how it could help his business. I did this as I couldn't find their details when I first initially tried to find their restaurant (tel. number) online although I knew they were there.

I want to let tell the manager that the business listing could vastly improve their profile online, people searching for a curry house in our city, but how can I convince him? I could tell him I'll do it for someone else maybe? Or I can delete the listing and be on my way?

BTW, the Owner/Manager would need to take down the details of the pin as I don't want people phoning me for a curry

I said I would add them to Google Maps as a freebie, and as I said it could help me to approach other offline businesses in the area, as I'm also trying this with an osteopath I'm seeing for my back .

In conclusion, the Indian Restaurant have an opportunity to be seen in Google Maps. They need to answer the phone when Google rings with the pin number, so I can add them. How could I encourage a business that a business listing in Google Maps is worth their while?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense.

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    You should try and approach the manager when he is not busy so you can talk to him. I'd try and find out when the slowest time of the day or slowest day is for the restaurant and try and approach the manager at that time. Obviously if he is distracted with orders he won't have time to listen to your idea.
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