Weebly or Blink? Which one is better for a newbie?

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Hi guys,

I have to get a site up and i'm wondering if anyone is experienced with these two sitebuilders and which one will be better for my needs?

I want a site that can have a blog attached easily, can accept credit card and paypal payments and won't give me drama over updating and technical stuff (thats why i have rejected wordpress).

Blink promises a lot inc. free domain name and hosting but i'm wondering what the downside is? Weebly promises less but has been around for quite a while.

I would like to hear of your experiences to help me make a decision.
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    I've never used Bink, but I have taken a look at Weebly and was actually impressed with how easy they do make it for newbies to create websites. I used to recommend it in my report and had planned on making a video on creating a website with Weebly before.

    If Bink is free why not try both and see which one you like best?

    Jonathan Beebe
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    I have a site on Blinkweb.com and it was really easy to create. Totally click and drag.
    The only real drawback is if later on you want to do more advanced stuff you don't have the flexability of Cpanel or other cms managers. Although you can do HTML on the pages.
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    I use Weebly Pro for all of my sites (though free is great too I just didnt want the banner ) and you can create some REALLY nice looking sites with it very easily. I wholeheartedly suggest it.
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    I am a fan of Weebly. They have a nice selection of templates for you to use and get your first site up. Very easy...
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    I second the above posts. Weebly is cool - I like it. I haven't tried Blink though.

    But yea, as Jamesyfws said, you may not get the flexibility and scope that your own hosting account can give you. So, if it's about getting started, start with either of these free websites platforms. On the longer term, get your own site and hosting account set up. All The Best
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      thanks to all you guys
      i really appreciate the feedback
      i have hosting paid for already so all i need is to buy the domain name
      and then i can use weebly to build it (and not have their banner) right?
      can i attach or build a wordpress blog and have it attached to the main weebly site ok?
      is there a video or reference you can point me towards to do this?
      thanks again
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        I'm a little confused by that last question. You start by saying you rejected Wordpress, then you want to add it as a blog?

        Technically I would think your easiest option to add the blog would be to create a sub domain: http://blog.yourdomain.com and install Wordpress on that. But why not use Wordpress for the whole site?

        Wordpress is not just a blog tool. It can easily be used for a static site with a blog.

        First install Wordpress then create your homepage as a page, not a blog post. Then from your dashboard go to "Settings" and "Reading" then where it says "Front page displays" change it from "your latest post" (default) to the static page you just created. Finally where it says "Posts page" select blog.

        It's much easier to understand the above when you are actually looking at the dashboard - honest!

        What this gives you is a traditional website type set up. Each time you add another page it appears in navigation - easier than creating ordinary sites. And of course it has a blog built in.

        If you want to see an example of this in action, it's the way I set up the site in my sig. Excuse the self promotion there!

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    Weebly's pretty good. But I suggest just moving up to wordpress it's better for SEO
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      I use both and like both. I am a bit more partial to weebly because I started using them first. Though if you already are paying for hosting - I'd suggest the self hosted wordpress way. Once you get used to wordpress it is a breeze.

      Weebly and Blinkweb are good for having additional web2.0 properties or as a way to test something before committing to it full on if you already have hosting.

      You can put paypal into both - not sure about the credit card thing as it is something I've never messed with.

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        I'd go with Weebly.

        Just because it's what I did when I was a newbie. (can't believe I just said that, does the fact I now use WP mean I'm not a newbie anymore?):confused:

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    The wordpress learning curve is not that bad, I would go with wordpress just for the SEO advantages if nothing else....like the assortment of plugins that will allow you to customize your site or any number of other things that will help your online business.


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