Atahualpa Theme for Affiliate Marketing - Anyone?

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Hi everyone, I recently noticed this theme has very good reviews online and some people even call it "the free equivalent to Thesis" (which is one of the most preferred WP themes), particularly because of how customizable it is.

So I was wondering whether someone is using Atahualpa in a number of their own sites (10+ preferably) and how things have been so far; please feel free to post your experiences, thanks.
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  • I am testing Atahualpa on three of my blogs and it looks good. One of the blogs now has PR1. Atahualpa certainly is very customizable but I found that when you want to achieve really different looks using just one theme, it is better to use Suffusion.
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      I'm a complete Atahualpa addict!

      I use it for almost all of my own sites and my clients. It is totally customisable.

      I will PM you some examples.
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    Both those themes look great. Thanks for the tips.
    Do anyone have other recommendations?

    How about best themes for different types of sites (review, personal blog, salespage, membership, etc.)?
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      I just downloaded it myself this weekend. It is certainly flexible but be prepared for a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of it.

      I like what it offers a lot but my plan so it doesn't become a huge time sucker is to work on one customization section at a time. This way I'm only leaning and working with a few tweaks rather than getting overwhelmed by the possibilities offered by the almost 300 tweaks it supports.

      I can't speak to SEO yet obviously but I think it will be a theme I'll be using quite a bit once I master it.
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    I'm another huge Atahualpa fan. I'm not using it on 10+ sites, but where I am using it, I am getting great results. I find it much easier to customize than other themes because you don't have to know anything about editing "raw code." It's all done in a very slick control panel. I am pretty much a Wordpress Dummy and it didn't take me long to catch on. PLUS, their support forum is awesome. If I get stuck, I can always find the answer in the forum... and learn some new tricks too. Two thumbs way up!
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    I only have one site, but it's based on Atahualpa, at the recommendation of a friend. Really easy to use, very easy to customise. I like how easily you can switch out your sidebars - from zero up to four - and add custom widget areas.
    As for SEO, not sure how much the theme has to do with it but my site is PR3 after 4 months online.
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      I use suffusion and love it but am considering switching to something else as Suffusion still can't figure out it's upgrade issues. You have to upgrade manually and even then it looses it's settings / customizations. Takes a good couple of hours to restore all the settings (if you remember them).

      Webmaster at - an e-commerce site about specialty ISA computers. I earn my livelihood from the internet so I am always keen on learning new things or looking for a new wrinkle on an existing method.

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        Just a quick update. It turns out that the upgrade issues I was having with Suffusion were of my own machinations. It upgrades just fine. So full steam ahead with Suffusion.

        Webmaster at - an e-commerce site about specialty ISA computers. I earn my livelihood from the internet so I am always keen on learning new things or looking for a new wrinkle on an existing method.

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          I've used Atahualpa lots. Played around with it pretty
          deeply. The version I recommend is 3.4.6 - I've played
          with a newer one and found it had some problems
          with the custom widget areas feature.

          It's a pretty cool theme but to make it look really custom
          takes some savvy. Off the shelf it's a bit ugly, imo.
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            Atahualpa is amazing. It has a very easy-to-use control panel where you can customize pretty much everything.

            I would recommend you go to the theme's forum if you ever get stuck - just do a search there and you will most likely find your question has already been answered.
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