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How much traffic is taken out by the Google maps listing?
Would it be 20% or higher.
With Google searches on services specifically.
Is there data on this somewhere or is it from your observed stats.
Thanks for your input/help

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    It is completely variable based on the niche. However, it generally seems to be significant. Beyond that, I can't tell you any more I'm afraid.
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    It kinda makes the google keyword tool results a very rough guide at best.
    1600 searches a month reduced to 1000 clickthroughs or less.
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    I've got local SEO clients who make ALL their money from the Google Places listing...
    they've got ZERO organic ranking and could care less

    ALL their money is coming from the Google Places (google maps) entry.

    which is why I sell guaranteed ranking in Google Places as a stand alone service

    David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
    Lawyer Local SEO - |

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    Thanks David I am about to start the same process
    I just thought it may be easier to have a page 1 listing first (to booster the Google map listing)
    Assuming Google has infinite wisdom I don't see the logic in the whole map scenario.
    They are taking viewers away from paying advertisers ( I am sure they will address this)
    The Maps are certainly in your face.
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    Google Maps is powerful if you are a retail business owner. Google Maps just came up with a sponsored ad the goes below the map for $25 per month. Can offer a coupon or discount.

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