Building autoblogger for 500 blog network and need advice?

by AzzamS
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Warriorforum is no doubt a great place to network to meet like minded people to JV with

I have had excellent success building on using a blog network on differnet c-class IPs, now working closely with another warrior whose service I have used and like his attitude are planning to build a service for 500 blogs PR 1 - 4 all on different IP's.

We obviously want to try to keep the costs as low as possible but have been stuck on a little snag.

If we create a unique article to be distributed over the 500 blogs will that cause the blogs to become deindexed in Google? now you could ask why I ask the question if I have used a blog network before, well in the past I had unique content created for each blog post and it never crossed my mind to use one single article for all.

I know that there are people out there that will distribute one single article to 100's of article directories without any rewrites, they do not get de-indexed, right?

Suppose we go down the root of rewriting the single article to approx' 500 versions, which article spinner is the best alternative to achieve that without being total crap? granted you can not achieve the same degree as a human spinner [I mean those that give you alternatives for each word highlighted] But which tool can get the best resulted with minimum work.

I am convinced from my experience that the alternatives to this kind of service proposed to charge a single rate for an article and submit to 1000's of blogs are not creating unique manual content for each blog post, they are either spinning or grabbing content; I opted for a better solution but it may not be as economical as I want it to be; further is there a real need since the objective is to assure unique content for the purpose of gaining weight got the link that is embedded in the post and not actual having the quality that makes in perfectly readable for a human and just serves the purpose of feeding the spiders.

Your valued advice and opinion please?
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