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If you have multiple domains on one hosting account (like Hostgator's Baby plan),

How do you have someone else (contractor, outsourcer, etc.) do work (code HTML, setup blogs, that kind of stuff.) without giving them access to the other domains?

I have an idea but I want to see if someone else has a better one.

Thanks in advance.

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    sub user accounts. There should be ability to do this in your CP somewhere. If there isn't then dump that kiddy host.
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    Give them a FTP userid with restricted access (home directory pointing to the document root of the addon domain or sub-domain you want them to work on). For MySql, give them a userid with restricted access to the databases you want them to work on and have them access the databases using a client software on their local machine. You'll have to allow their host to access your databases by adding their IP in the "database" -> "remote MySql" section of your HG cPanel. They'll need to give you their IP (they can find it out at
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