I'M STUCK! What should I be doing now?

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I'm a newbie looking for a bit of help.

I've found myself at a sticking point, I don't know where to start or what to do.


The working hard part I have no problem with, I'm more than ready to put every effort required into making money online.


I don't know what ACTION to take or what PLAN to make.

I'm at a point where I'm just reading through WF posts every day & getting information from other online sources but I just feel I'm ready to start getting some HARD WORK done!

I have lots of accounts set up & software needed to get going

Google analytics
Google adwords
Google adsense
Amazon affiliate

I know how to create squeeze pages & sales pages etc but I just don't know where to go from here?

Any pointers &/or advice would be great
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    There are many ways to make money online - you can read all about them on this forum.

    Pick one method which appeals to you.

    Then stick to method and only buy/setup what you need for that method.

    Once you get that working - move on to the next thing.
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    If as you say you know how to create sueeze pages and sales pages then it sounds like you have already chosen your business model. You now need to choose a niche/market that you are interested in and find a free product to giveaway, thereby building a list of interested people. you can then later market other persons products to your list for a commission. you already have an aweber account, work on your follow up series of emails and decide what useful content you will give to your list and people will stay subscribed and value your recommendations later on. Are you okay on the technical side of things, setting up hosting etc ?

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    I was in your predicament a few weeks ago.I found out that there is alot iof valuable pointers in this forum and alot of help too.

    A word of caution is that take time and pick out what you really want to do , you can be swamped with ideas and programs to join until you end up more confused than when you started.

    One thing though I like about you is that you are willing to do what it takes and this will definately bear fruit.
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      The number 1 thing that you should focus on is to build your subscribers list. Whatever you do online, you should build your list. You said that you know how to create a sales page and a squeeze page? then you're already on the right track. What you can do to your squeeze page is to market it. Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your squeeze page, make sure that you are offering not just free gift, but a valuable gift as well.

      Write and submit articles as many as you can that all links to your squeeze page. Once your articles got approved, submit it to other article directories as well for added exposure. Bookmark your articles to social bookmarking sites, at least to top 10 bookmarking sites for added exposure again.

      You can also do blog commenting and guest blogging. Find the top 20 blogs in your niche and put valuable comments every single day. Again, link your squeeze page to your comments. People will most likely to click your link if you put valuable comments instead of just "great post" of "thanks for sharing this".

      Now you know how to build your list, start building good relationship to your subscribers by providing them valuable and helpful contents or tips, then you can recommend them your product or other people's product, but don't be too blatant when making an offer. You can sell without really trying to sell. Once you have seed subscribers of like 300 or 500, time to do an email ad swap to accelerate your list building activity.

      List building should be your number priority if you want to build long-term business.

      Hope this helps.


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    As well as all the suggestions, I'll also add that you MUST do some sort of analytics. You need to know what is successful for you, as well as why it's successful. Then it's just a case of doing a lot more of it.

    Love passive income? Make money on hubpages. Make money from ClickBank. Preserve your new wealth by investing in gold.

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    Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

    You're on the right road. Keep reading then focus on the task at hand.

    Follow through and don't abandon projects. Ask yourself regularly if you are doing the right thing.
    I think it its all said in Product Creator's comment..

    The quicker you settle on a plan or a "Blueprint" to follow the better off you will find yourself. I suggest forget what you think you know, find a proven package you feel comfortable with... set aside all else and follow that plan.

    IMHO the worst thing you can do is try too many different things in the beginning. Find something that works rinse and repeat... Once you have established yourself or decided that program is not for you move on to another method of monetizing ... again only my opinion

    Blog for $$
    Adsense sites for $$
    Affiliate marketing through article writing .... etc.
    There are a lot of good offers and blueprints available here at warrior. The best to do is to find a program where you will get a real mentor for a period of time.

    I likely wasted my first 3-4 months in IM thinking the more I knew the more I would make. I love to learn but being a career student does not pay the pay the bills.... find a program, make it a paying job move methodically into other areas...
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      One of the easiest ways to get some fairly quick results is to get a keyword based domain but you need to pick a product based keyword that has an adequate number of searches and not too much competition.

      If you do it right you can get page one rankings within a few days and start to see some sales, but to make this work you have to get the right keywords and set your site up correctly, then if you're not using ppc you need to promote and build links correctly.

      Sometimes people try this and think that it doesn't work but it's usually because they try to do too much,

      best of luck,

      Need a fresh start or help to take your business to the next level? Click here to find out more...

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  • I always recommend to all newbies to start off with a niche-specific blog related to a passion/hobby of theirs: write about a topic you like and try to get like-minded audience to follow along. Make sure to place an opt-in form on the blog (offering a cool gimmick) in order to build your mailing list, and promote some occasional quality product here and there, maybe some banners, etc.

    Again: start off with a niche blog about something you're passionate about yourself.
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    Hey Barry,

    It will help if you will take note of the things that you are lost with. For example, if you know how to create a squeeze page, learn about what you can do with it. Do you build a list? Create your own product and sell it? Once you decide, you can use Google and search for free information on list building and product creation.

    I know that its hard but it is always a continuous learning process. If you really cannot take it, find a mentor that can guide you. That will help out a lot.

    Hope that helps,

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      So does that mean you have chosen a well researched niche that has proven to convert into sales?

      If so, then you can start by researching good keywords long-tail etc in which to build your website on, get some good content of value to the reader on your website, then once that has been indexed start on your promotion methods.

      Lots of newbies like to start with article marketing because it is simple and gets visitors. Along with this, you could apply other traffic building methods such as blog commenting, social bookmarking, rss feed submission, press releases, video marketing, etc etc.

      You are right to say that you have to formulate a plan and it is a good idea to create a weekly timetable. This can be a basic structure of a workload that you can augment with new strategies and methods as you go but keeping to a basic foundation.

      You say you are prepared to work which is great but a word of advice, don't be put off if and when you don't see instant results. Lots of marketers are full of enthusiasm to begin with and are apparently prepared to work hard. However, when they don't see intant results the enthusiasm takes a nose dive, and nothing is ever achieved. Keep up the momentum. Vary your traffic building and link building strategies and just keep on with it. Keep getting you content out there building on what you have done. Then you can start looking into list building and other slightly more advanced methods.

      All the best

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    I agree with finding what your niche is and what product you are going to promote. The best way to start is by following what you're most passionate about. Your excitement about it will shine through to your following. Starting a blog about it is a great way to make a presence in your niche.

    Once you decide your nice and market, then you can start building a list of targeted followers that you can market to. It sounds like you have a lot of information and things going for you, you just need to focus in on a niche.

    A mentor is one of the very best ways to get yourself started on the right path. Having a mentor has helped me so much.

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    Many thanks to everyone for the valuable input everyone has given to my question.
    It has helped give me a better idea of where to go from here.

    A couple of people mentioned setting up a “blog”. I already have a blog though I don't want this to be one of my main online income sources, I'm not very keen on blogs, there is just something about them I don't like.

    I originally set up a squeeze page then changed it to a blog, I did this just to get my feet wet & learn how to set up websites & to learn how blogs worked & to also begin learning how to drive traffic to a website

    I will keep my blog up & running as I have it monetized with google ad words, clickbank banner adds & an Amazon store, I also have an optin form for capturing emails.

    O.K so I now plan to do two things for now

    1) – Find a profitable niche, choose a couple of products to promote & make money through commission.

    2) - build a squeeze page to begin building a list where I can later promote products to.

    Future plans

    1) – I would like to create my own products

    2) - I would eventualy like to create my own membership site.

    This is the planned direction I think would be good for me to go in.

    Do you think this will be enough to make a full time living online?

    Some people want to make milliions from the internet, some people just want some extra money on the side while some people want to quit their job & work from home.

    What I want from making money online – millions would be nice but unlikely, I would just like to make a secure regular income online & work from home, I'm not looking for huge amounts of money, though I will try to make as much as possible, I would be happy with an above average yearly income.

    What do you think I need to achieve this, could this be achieved with the plan above or am I going to need hundreds of websites?

    Thanks again for you time & input everyone

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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      I suggest you have a blog squeeze since you already have a blog to start building your list. List building is essential to incorporate into your plan and as you know how those super affiliates are able to generate thousands of dollars in a few hours.
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    I'd get over my dislike of blogs. Do the keyword research and find a profitable niche. Build a niche blog, which can also help you to build a list in that niche and sell products in that niche. Create great content for the blog and you should be able to both sell products and build a list from the blog.

    I'm not saying this is the only thing you should do, but it's one of the things I would do.
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    I would advice you to stop reading every other method/business model that you come across, even though it may sound very "Doable"

    Pick JUST one, you need to focus on it and nothing else.

    Almost all newbs fall into this trap and don't make much in the beginning.
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      Google "thrity day challenge" and stick to this program - its free and it's way better than 90% of IM garbage out there and it's worked for newbies like you.

      As someone who was guilty of trying to do too many things and buy too many tools online not so long ago,my advice is "find a system that works and stick to it for 6 months".

      Have success!
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        sorry for the misprint - its "thirty day challenge",not "thrity day challenge":-)
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    Just remember that you always need to educate yourself. With knowledge you will go far.
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    Thanks again for all the input guys

    Paul – I have already had a look through the 30 day challenge, I found some usfull info from it, they are starting a new course called “the challenge” which starts on the first of July so I mite go through that.

    I'm not all over the place with courses or anything, I've narrowed thing right down, the only place I now look for IM information is here at the WF & also a membership site I have subscribed to.

    I have learned a lot about IM since I started a couple of months ago I have all the skills & tools for getting websites set up, I just didn't know where to go.

    I'm starting to find a clearer sense of direction now

    About half an hour ago I just took some mager ACTION!

    I found a niche which is getting talked about all over the place just now so I went & did some keyword research.

    Typical monthly search came back at – 22.200
    Keyword competition using ""- 24.500

    So I went to clickbak & found a product to promote specific to the keyword/niche

    I went & set up a google adowrds campaign & set up the destination URL as the clickbak hop-link.

    I have never set up an adwords campaign before or promoted a clickbank product I just got an idea & TOOK ACTION!

    I'm in the process of creating a few articles to further help with traffic.

    I'm now on page "one" of Google with the adwords campaign!

    I'm just going to keep moving forward all the time & hopefully build experience & knowledge on the way, I may not even get a sale from my campaign but at least I have started doing something

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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    Sounds like you stepped up and took some major action. Awesome man. I'm a newbie in IM as well, its always amazing to see another newbie taking the next steps If you need some SEO software tools to help build your site, check out this site my buddy IMer introduced to me - textstatus dot com. Its got some good products, tips and articles. Good luck.

    SEO Software Tools Exposed

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    Just to add, I should have used a keyword with a higher search, I was going for article marketing figures, I've changed the add to run with a keyword with a 300.000+ search.

    Has anyone been sucessfull with promoting affiliate products in this way?

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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