Difference Between 2 of Google's Keyword Tools?

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I have a question about 2 of Googles keyword tools.

What's the difference between the search volume of SKTool and the Google Keyword Tool? For example, I searched "party costume" on each and got 368,000 Global Monthly Searches on the Google Keyword Tool, but only 3,500 Monthly Searches on SKTool. Both were set to All Countries in English.

Which is correct? Why such a huge difference?
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    Off hand, I would say that neither one of them is correct. It is hard to say unless you do an AdWords test yourself.

    Tim Pears

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      It was my suspicion that neither was correct. But what I didn't expect was to be such a huge difference. I could expect a small difference depending on which data center the data came from. Obviously they are measuring different analytics. Anyone know what each tool is reporting on?
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    Sk is purely Google search based, the adwords keyword tool includes searches on Google's content network sites

    While they're both unreliable many times I suggest using the SK tool for a basis to do SEO
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    Could also be that sk was only returning the exact phrase and google keywords was also returning things like "having a party where can I find a costume" etc...


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