do you have to be a techie to set up your own blog?

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I have a few blog posts on and wordpress, but I am thinking to start my own blog with my own domain name.

Just not sure how difficult it is to set it all up.

Can anyone help?

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    Not difficult at all if you already use wordpress or blogger, your host can let you install those on your site. It will be essentially the same :-) Once you have a domain name, go to your cPanel in your host and choose Fantastico. This will allow you to install wordpress onto your site. Now just log into your site's wordpress admin area, and you're done :-)

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    Without wordpress or any other blogging platform, you will need to have some degree of technical knowledge, not to mention the fact that it will be repetitive work as you would not have the advantage of using the built-in functions of the blog scripts.
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    You only need basic HTML knowledge to setup your site, plus you can watch Youtube videos if you have problems. If you need help search it. It's easy to find web related information nowadays using Google.
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    I recommend you continue through Wordpress and setup your own domain from there. A good webhosting company would be either Hostmonster or Hostgator. They'll be able to assist you in installing and uploading your blog onto their cPanel. Also, for cheap domain names, you could look over

    Nothing too serious on the technical side with Wordpress unless, you'll want to get your graphics more enhanced plus customizing the theme you use. You could hire a web developer to do that for you.
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    It's very easy. If you buy hosting and domain name, you can install Wordpress engine with one click. Most of the hosting companies (such as GoDaddy and Hostgator) provide such possibility.
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    Why would you start a blog without using Wordpress? Is so easy to install, setup, tweak and so on...
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      I think when he says without Wordpress he means without them hosting the blog - I guess he does not realise Wordpress is a blogging platform you can run on your own domain.

      As the other poster said, all you need do to set up a wordpress blog on your own domain is to log into your domain cpanel, click on fantastico, and it will install and setup the whole blog on your domain in only a minute or two.

      You can then log straight into your blog admin control panel and start customizing the blog or adding posts. You WANT to use Wordpress - it's the standard for blogging these days so I highly suggest you keep using it even when hosting a blog on your own domain.

      Any other questions we would be happy to help you with.
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    I would suggest that you would see some tutorial videos on you tube and some topics that would answer your questions
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